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Re: New York

Postby Ultimate Cheapskate » Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:09 pm

Smith's Bar. West 43rd. & 8th Ave. It's been there - the real thing - since I started going to NYC in the 70's.  Thankfully, the anti-Starbucks.

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Re: New York

Postby TwoStepCharlie » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:54 pm

New York is my town (currently, anyway) so I reckon I'm entitled to speak up (or down) for it or against it.

Maybe the posts in this thread are few ||||||||? When I go out'n'about in this city I frankly can't find any literary scene left anywhere. Not even the ghost of a literary scene.

Open Mike Nights and poetry readings? Mighty hard to stumble across. Whereas NYC used to be a mecca for the spoken word. These days, typical throngs of pedestrians or commuters you encounter on the sidewalk are 'not looking' for such events. They'd be perplexed at the idea of attending one. Really, they seem unable to digest, grasp, or absorb any kind of spoken or written communication. Its a very disturbing, vapid, treacly, 'visual only' society right now.

Books themselves: sure, there might be a few taverns who --as decoration--do allow piles of old books to collect on a mantelpiece or shelf above the patrons. But that's about it. There used to be many pubs who would encourage books to be shared, traded, dropped-off at their venues.

Not too long ago, the 'bookcrossing' fad was even known about. Now--as far as I can tell--books are regarded as mere clutter and garbage. You see them tossed out on the curb in cardboard boxes. They 'take up too much space' and are 'too heavy'. They're considered 'garbage'.

When I want to buy a used book for $1, I have to search pretty hard for an occasional card-table set out in front of a thrift store. Used book stores are almost non-existent. All but a handful are gone, vanished, evacuated, fled. People just aren't buying books.

Is this right? Proper? No way. It's infuriating and despicable.
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