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Re: Past tense vs. present tense

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:17 pm
by DrG2
in real dialogue, people often jump around in tense:
"So, I was waiting in line and this guy comes up to me and says, 'That's my brand of tampons, too.' So I just smiled at him, transfixing him with my beauty while I surreptitiously take my .380 out of my purse and fire the whole clip at him. I know, only five rounds, and a .380, but it was a nice cluster centered on the middle of his chest, so I'm not surprised at all that he drops dead. Doesn't even twitch. But then I realize that it's my old high school basketball teammate, and she always did have a bit of a mustache. So I think, live and learn. I thought I might get in trouble for it, but I ran through the door, and the whole store explodes, so I think I'll probably be safe."