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How and Where

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:48 am
by LilliesCarol
My family history novel, which I've recently posted a few editing questions, is fast coming to an end. My retired English teacher friend who has been helping with the editing has only several more chapters to finish. She feels I should not self publish, "The book is far too interesting to not have wide acceptance." On that note, as the book is about Wisconsin, should I look primarily for a Wisconsin publisher or go national? I found one Wisconsin publisher who accepts MS from Europe and Asia as well as USA. I sent in what they requested and the wait is 4 to 6 weeks for an answer. May I have your advice? And where do I look for such agents/lpublishers? Thanks.

Re: How and Where

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:23 pm
by mammamaia
i don't see why you should narrow your queries to just wisconsin publishers/agents [if there are any]... but it would certainly be a good idea to try any university presses in the state, as they often publish books with local settings...

as for other publishers/agents, just go over the listings and query ones who take on the genre you have to offer... you can email me for listings of publishers and agents in the US and canada, if you don't have them...

i'm happy to know you're close to this significant point in the publishing process, carol... congratulations!

if you want a second opinion on whether the ms is ready for publication, i'll be glad to take a look the first chapter...

love and huge proud-of-you hugs, maia

Re: How and Where

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:22 pm
by James A. Ritchie
Where has nothing to do with it. Large publishers publish novels set anywhere and everywhere. In fact, if you bring the setting to vibrant life, the best setting is one editors don't see fifty times per day. The big mistake many new writers make is think their novel should be st in New York City, or Chicago, or Paris, or some other big city they know nothing about.

What you need is an agent, not a publisher. A good novel has no trouble finding an agent, and it's the agent's job to decide which publisher should see the novel.

Re: How and Where

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:53 pm
by DrG2
While I agree with the earlier suggestions, I don't think there would be anything wrong with a direct submission to a few publishers while you are querying agents.

University of Wisconsin Press is an excellent publisher. Here is their page for submissions.

Wanted to note that there is something wrong with the term "family history novel". If it is true, it's not a novel.

Re: How and Where

PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:39 am
by LilliesCarol
Thanks James and Dr.G I'll check into that. Maia your offer is appreciated also.