Problem with wordprocessing formats

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Problem with wordprocessing formats

Postby jannertfol » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:12 am

I write on a MacMini, using iPages. I've discovered that what I've written doesn't always format correctly when I upload it onto sites like this one, OR my email (Yahoo.)

On this Writer's Digest Forum site, my italics and paragraph tabs don't translate. I was horrified, when I uploaded a bit of my writing onto this site, to discover all my paragraphs had run together. The whole piece appeared as just an undifferentiated wad of text. I had to go through and separate all the paragraphs with a line space between, and just ignore the fact that any word I wrote in italics didn't appear that way. (I've noticed other contributors to the Forum having the same problem, incidentally...)

I've written reviews for Amazon, and my formatting remains intact on their site, so this is not a universal problem with iPages.

Is there a particular wordprocessing programme that is best for writers to use? This is an important issue, if a writer plans to submit writings for consideration online.

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Re: Problem with wordprocessing formats

Postby pls » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:45 am

Congratulations! You've discovered the differences in protocols in Internet sites.

This is a phpBB software site, so formatting in your posts will not retain italics, boldface, even returns. You have to post and then format. That's normal procedure. Other sites using WordPress or other underlying formats may accept text and html tags differently.

At least you're correcting your posts and not simply walking away from them and leaving them "jammed" together, as some do here. Thank you for that!
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