The Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July

Postby cosivantutte » Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:40 pm

In paintings of the Founding Fathers, they are posed just so. Calm. Unbothered. It was easy for me to think of them as cardboard characters that were free from human pettiness.

Then, I listened to the 1997 soundtrack for the Broadway musical 1776 and, for me, it brought the Founding Fathers to real life. They were real people with real people bothers and wants and pettiness and squabbles. They didn't all get along. They fought over sticky details. Trying to get them all to agree to the Declaration of Independence was like trying to get the main characters from Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World to agree on how to split the money. Yet, when the time came to sign it, the Founding Fathers were able to rise above their squabbles and differences and they signed it. One by one. Even though they knew it was treason. Even though they knew that they would be hanged if the Revolution failed. They signed it.

It is a very amazing thing.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Re: The Fourth of July

Postby Gooblink » Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:33 am

It is amazing. If you ever take time to read through their writings, including personal letters back and forth, you get a much fuller picture, and realize both how brilliant and utterly human they were.

God bless them and the USA. :)
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