Presidential debates (Doh!)

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Presidential debates (Doh!)

Postby George2 » Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:27 pm

I have a few comments that have nothing to do with writing... inspired by "In America, anyone can become president
(and) that's the problem." George Carlin

First, I must admit that front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make my skin crawl while, in fact, it scares me
to think one of the many arguing candidates might become president.

Moving on, it's my idea that each candidate in the debates be sworn-in and then be attached to a polygraph instrument.
In turn, they will be excused from the debates for lying/perjury under oath, giving prepared responses that have nothing
to do with asked questions, and/or for utter stupidity.

And when a candidate proposes more money for increased health, education and welfare including subsidizing illegal(!)
immigrants, the follow-up question would be "Where is the money coming from?" noting the U.S. is $17 trillion in debt.

Also each would be questioned about his/her large contributors and the follow-up question would be "What was promised
them for their support."

I'd have many more questions for them but....

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Re: Presidential debates (Doh!)

Postby Terry T.A. Rodgers » Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:25 am

The funny thing is the stage would soon be empty.

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Re: Presidential debates (Doh!)

Postby James A. Ritchie » Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:07 pm

It's too late for any of this to matter. It's too late for whoever becomes president to matter, other than how soon and how much trouble he or she causes domestically. Where is the money coming from? It isn't coming from anywhere. There is no more money. They know this, and don't care because giving people
"free" stuff is how you get elected. Whether that free stuff is food stamps, welfare, cell phones, of bring in more immigrants so you can get more votes doesn't matter. It's over.

Donald Trump actually has some very good ideas, but, unfortunately, that all involve people working and earning their own money, and half the country will never think that's a good idea. They also involve stopping the flow if illegal immigrants, which is racism, of course. Yes, if you're a shi*t for brains moron, or have something personal to gain by the problem, such as more free stuff, or more votes. Doesn't matter, the country is now doomed. A complete economic meltdown is inevitable, and the whole country dies with the economy. But, hey, as long as you like your free stuff, who cares?

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