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Postby LilliesCarol » Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:57 am

Yesterday, my daughter and I drove to Kohler, Wisconsin about 100 miles down the pike. It was one of the things on my 'bucket list' to accomplish and accomplish it I did. If you have a chance to watch it on TV this weekend, please do. You will see how very rugged this area is. The Kohler Company (bathroom fixtures) bought up some flat farm land along the Lake Michigan coast and turned it into a golf course resembling the Scottish coast line. They brought in over 3M tons of dirt and stone and built what is one of golfs most difficult courses to play, let alone walk up and down those hills and hope to God your ball does not go in a ravine, or deep sand trap. We were fortunate to be able to see Tiger tee off on the 10th hole and then asked one of the attendants how to get to the 18 green and watch them eventually come in. I guess God is good to me, as I had my stroller, the attendant put Linda and I on his cart and drove us to the 18th green to where the handicapped people can sit. As we were one of the first to appear, we had front row seats overlooking the 18th green. After two hours of watching all the other players come in, Ells, Daly, Westwood, Rose, Garcia, etc, it was time for our guys, Tiger, Kaymer and Bradley to play. One hit the green edge, one had to chip to the green, and Tiger's (naturally) went into the very deep sand trap, directly below where we sat. His body language was not good. He hit the club against the trap wall twice and then you could just see the wheels turning as to how he was going to play this to get out and how many shots he'd lose to hit the hole. It took out of the trap and two shots to hit the hole. I think he wound up with a 3# for the day.

The tv box with the announcers was to our right, so if you watch over the weekend, you will get an idea of where and what it took to play in this event. NOT TO SAY TO WALK THIS TERRAIN. I was exhausted when we got home and fell asleep during the PACKER/PATRIOT'S GAME. Can you imagine me falling asleep during a Packer game? NEVER IN ALL OF MY 83 YEARS have I ever done that. So now you know what this golf course can do to you. Have fun watching over the weekend, I won't be there to wave, but just imagine what it was like to be there and see the players. OH TO BE YOUNG AGAIN.
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