Joseph Hirsch's FLASH BLOOD: A Different 'Whodunnit'

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Joseph Hirsch's FLASH BLOOD: A Different 'Whodunnit'

Postby DiDonovan » Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:18 pm

I like my action vivid and my stories fast. One of the first things a thriller reader will note about Joseph Hirsch's new thriller/detective story is Flash Blood's attention to detail, right down to the sights and smells of atmosphere that impart a 'you are there' feel to almost every page.

Flash Blood is the story of what emerges when a man is pitted against the impossible.

It represents a pivot point in Detective Arklow's life, plain and simple. As such, it will immerse readers in a world of good and bad choices, and it powers all these choices with a potent protagonist whose ultimate goals and reality prove subject to change without notice. Detective novel genre readers, take note: this is a far more complex scenario than your usual 'whodunnit' - and therefore, far more satisfying a read.

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