Steven James: THE PAWN

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Steven James: THE PAWN

Postby wdarcy » Mon Aug 25, 2014 3:29 pm

Just finished Steven James's THE PAWN, his first thriller and the first novel to feature his recurring character, FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers. It was a very good read.

Once thing I find curious. THE PAWN is published by a publisher normally associated with "Christian fiction" (Revell). It is also advertised on websites that promote Christian fiction. Now admittedly, this novel features no profanity, no sex, and no graphic violence. Yet it is still a grisly, horrifying tale of not one but two serial killers, and the victims include as many children as adults. The novel opens with a prologue detailing a suicide pact between two teenagers. One of the killers, an escapee from Jonestown, forms his own cult, who commit mass suicide, first killing their own children. How on earth can this fall under the rubric of Christian fiction? Yes, there are some references to God and love, but they are very subtle.

I am not sure linking this novel with Christian fiction does it a service. Normally I would flee to the ends of the earth rather than read a Christian fiction novel, because I would assume it would be a lot of pious sermonizing and Bible thumping. This book is anything but. I guess I simply don't understand what is meant by the term. In any case, I have just ordered James's second novel in the series.

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Re: Steven James: THE PAWN

Postby patriciac » Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:18 am

ooo interesting, i feel like to read it but usually i always prefer short stories

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