The Chiveis Trilogy- Bryan Litfin

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The Chiveis Trilogy- Bryan Litfin

Postby ProfessionallyMade » Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:08 pm

I recommend Litfin's trilogy Book 1- The Sword, Book 2- The Gift, Book 3- The Kingdom.

Me personally, I enjoyed how he brought all of the characters to life. To this day I am still rereading parts of the books trying to figure out what he did! Lets just say he did a marvelous job with the storyline, the characters, the dialogue, the style, and the nature of the trilogy surrounding Christianity. If you like religious books they are calling you right now to read them. I give the trilogy a 100% and maybe 200.

If you have already read the books then let me know I would love to talk about them and hear other people's opinions!!!
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