THE ROM - walking in the paths of the Gypsies

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THE ROM - walking in the paths of the Gypsies

Postby tinachris » Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:05 pm

Romani people, the Rom, Children of the Wind, The Wanderers -- these are the Gypsies. So many romantic films and stories have been written about them; we have heard their music, seen their dancing, paintings and pictures of their colourful caravans. They have captured our imagination. Yet they have endured hardships, segregation, genocide and thousands died in the Holocaust of WWII. Why? What is the mystery behind these unfortunate people? In 1990 Roger Moreau quit his job and went to India, believed to be the origin of the Gypsy tribes where they had been incarcerated in what was, a thousand years ago in an Afghan desert, the first concentration camp. His quest was to unlock the ancient mystery and discover the origins and earliest history of this wandering race. I highly recommend his fascinating book "The Rom - walking in the paths of the Gypsies".

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