Ranger's Apprentice

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Ranger's Apprentice

Postby j t hall » Sun May 13, 2012 11:08 pm

Well written. A well-thought out world with its own myths and legends. Characters you care about, stories that draw you in. 5 stars.
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Re: Ranger's Apprentice

Postby TNE » Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:24 am

:) I like and enjoy them but there are some things...

Some of it, is a bit cliche. And his plots are little predictable whenever I guess what's going to be shock or surprise it always fall flat with me. Like this. :| And his villains never really last.

Like Will, I swear there's a million Will's in fantasy or hero type characters. Don't get me wrong I love the name Will but good grief there's a lot of them. Blood Red Horse-K. M. Grant, Will Turner-from Pirates of the Caribbean I could go on.

And I don't know why but sometimes Will Treaty acts a little snotty. Or maybe it's just me. Horace has a quiet strength which I admire about him. But he can be so much more than just your ordinary Green Gentle Giant.

His villains lack depth as to why they do the things they do. There are better ways of addressing morals rather than simply by fighting style. Like Will criticizing the opponents Horace face by calling it dirty. This is where he sounds snotty to me cause he's one to talk by sneaking around and shooting with bow and arrow before his enemies can so much as get out a "How do ya do?" Gurgle. "No thanks don't want to talk to you."
Sure he's biased cause that's his friend, Horace risking his life. But does he have to be so ignorant.

But at least it's what I pay for, a good old fashioned adventure with action and characters I can root for. :D Until they face the villains. :?

Spoiler Alert reasons from Ranger's Apprentice:

Morgorath died way to easily in my opinion. Also every villain dies except in the 8th one where I assume he will die like the rest in the 9th one.

I like Halt but when I found out he has a twin evil brother that threw him out because Halt was going to be next in line. My respect for him isn't as great as it used to be.

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Re: Ranger's Apprentice

Postby Anya Kylash » Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:16 am

I love Ranger's Apprentice! It's very well written, but I have to agree. Most cliche moment? Locking Alyss in the tower unless she marries the bad guy and leaving that as a cliffhanger. :P He's excellent at starting series(es?), but not the best at finishing them. His new Brotherband series is really good too, but I'm wondering how long that good streak will last when he makes the dozenth book.
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