If life is so short.

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If life is so short.

Postby Nayakalium » Thu May 15, 2014 1:48 am

If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
This is a question to which has pondered my mind a lot and caught my attention.. We all dream big as kids growing up and all wish that we could be something but when we are old enough to have a job those dreams slowly start to burst at the seams. Money seems to be a big problem to which forces us into a job or something that we don't want to do. My generation is so over powered by cell phones that they miss so many moments and oppurtunities. Yes, I am a victim to the cell phone some call it normal while older generations call it an addiction but my moms generation is the one who raised us along with the televison and radio. We spend our whole lives caught up in little things like this that shouldn't matter. So why, why do we do so many things we dont like and like so many things we don't do? Motivation? Or obesity? Along with the obsessive cell phone usage we have a really lazy generation.. Where watching movies and eating hot cheetos is more important than taking in every moment and living it like it was your last. My goal in life is to help people as much as I can even if it is the little things. I want people to smile because they know they are beautiful and not alone. I feel that the reason i've done so many things I don't like and like so many things I don't do is because I have not always been so fortunate with money and that seems to be the thing from keeping people from doing things they like, right? Wrong! I grew up with two amazing parents that didn't know they were amazing that also didn't have great lives growing up but im not asking for sympathy because i'm proud of them and who they have helped me become. I have a goal in life that is so simple but yet so complex and I simply refuse to do most things I don't like because I am Tanayalyn Kylee Keeton and I am PROUD of who I am and the family I have even though we fight and argue we were put into eachothers lives and done things that we don't like for eachother. I haven't done things I wanted to do but I have done the things I am supposed to do. We all have a purpose in life even if that purpose isn't for us but for someone we have never met. People don't realize how much we effect eachother and we hurt people when we think we are only hurting ourselves. Reality is something we think is normal but I personally think that you can design your own reality. You don't have to be happy if you don't want to be just listen to a sad or angry song or read a crazy book. You don't have to be sad or angry if you don't want to either. You, YOU, YoU are the one who can make yourself sad, happy, content, or angry. We are indeed influenced my music, people, telivision, and books but you feel these things because you are human and humans make mistakes. You know when you fall and the next day you have a bruise and it still hurts? Well you fell yesterday and it was in the past and just like life we dwell in the past because the past can hurt. What's so wrong with dwelling in the past is people don't dwell on the good things and that keeps us from doing things we don't like instead of things we want to do. Life is crazy but it is what you make of it. So stop doing things you don't want to do because you think you need to fit in but start doing things that you want to do and make you a better you. :D

~By Tanayalyn Kylee Keeton.

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Answered fully by: Tanayalyn Kylee Keeton

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