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Another Big Win Ramps Up Expectations for Woods

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:12 pm
by alicdes
Over a century old, this recipe came from Norway.<br> Traditional German bakers shape Berlinerkranze into wreaths. MUNICH -- European aerospace giant EADS NV <b>revealed</b> Wednesday that lower charges for delayed programs such as its A400M military transport plane helped it return to profit in the fourth quarter.Jonathan <b>Sahula</b> of Boston is <b>a</b> freelance <b>film</b> and <b>video</b> editor and <b>producer</b> who frequently works for PBS’s NOVA.<br> Winding <b>up</b> the <b>Guardian</b> Northerner's debate on <b>entering</b> journalism, Clare Speak argues for optimism and ploughing your own furrowI <b>can</b> understand Glen Keogh's<br><img src=""><br> <b>frustration,</b> in his post<br><img src=""><br> which began this Guardian Northerner debate, at still not having found a job despite following all <b>the</b> advice. As we're increasingly finding <b>that</b> <b>this</b> advice no longer works, more and more would-be<br><img src=""><br> journalists now have to make their own opportunities in order to <b>get</b> ahead.Technological advances and budget cuts<br><img src=""><br> <b>mean</b> that the publishing industry has seen<br><img src=""><br> <b>big</b> <b>changes</b> <b>in</b> the last few years, and the traditional route of university followed by an unpaid internship or two, firing off applications <b>and</b> then hopefully getting a staff reporter job simply no longer applies.<br> Staff positions are disappearing, and for most of us, doing an unpaid internship <b>in</b> London is about as practical and affordable <a href = "">Silver Lotto System </a> weeks on the moon. There are other ways in though, and you don't have to work in a call centre whilst waiting for your big break either.Like Mischa Wilmers <b>in</b> his<br><img src=""><br> contribution to the debate, I looked abroad in lieu of any decent work opportunities at home, though I didn't have quite such a well laid-out plan. Unemployed and with no better ideas, I <b>decided</b> to do TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) as it would <b>allow</b> me to travel and do something with my love of the subject.<br> I moved <b>to</b> Prague in 2009<br><img src=""><br> to start teaching, with a <b>vague</b> hope that <b>by</b> the time my little <b>adventure</b> abroad was over, the job market at home might have picked up.As it turns out, I<br><img src=",xcitefun-lovely-birds-5.jpg"><br> never <b>came</b> back. After a few years of doing freelance work on the side <b>of</b> teaching or admin jobs, I've decided to stay in the Czech Republic and freelance full time from here. I'm in no rush to join the hordes chasing <b>a</b> few staff jobs in London, or <b>to</b> go back to my home town of Rochdale to brush up on my <b>waitressing</b> skills. Although I earn less here than I <b>would</b> at home, my standard <a href = "">Forex Megadroid review </a> is higher: taxes<br><img src=""><br> are lower, the sun shines more often, trains come on time and the beer is £1 a half-litre.<br> Need I go on?Obviously not everyone can just swan off to a foreign country – or to London – but there's nothing stopping you from getting <b>some</b> experience wherever you are.<br> I'm not a big fan of internships, but writing the occasional unpaid piece from home <b>isn't</b> quite on a par with six months' free labour.Freelancing<br> <b>can</b> get you anything from a bit of work experience to a full-time occupation. Forget filling out application forms, and<br><img src=""><br> bypass the HR department.<br> If you've got a dazzling story idea, approach the editor directly. What have <b>you</b> got to lose? If you <b>can't</b> chase down an <b>editor</b> to ask for a few assignments, what hope have you got of chasing down the information needed to write<br><img src=""><br> a great story?With more and more companies looking to cut costs and outsource work to freelancers, it's really not a bad time to start.<br> Increasingly fewer publications have the financial security to hire people on permanent contracts, meaning that freelancers are becoming ever more important.<br> Not to mention that as the industry continues to contract, working <b>for</b> a company <a href = "">Penny Stock Prophet. </a> offers more security than being self-employed.And being far from London (or Salford) is no disadvantage. In fact, I'm convinced that the further you are from the editors you work for, the more valuable you can be to them.<br> As budgets decrease, fewer <b>publications</b> can afford to send staff out to wherever <b>the</b> story is.Freelancing<br> is often seen as the domain of seasoned pros who've spent 20 <b>years</b> working<br><img src=""><br> in staff <b>positions,</b> but there's no reason why it should be.<br> As long as your ideas are <b>good,</b> you can do the work. In reality, I've found that no editor will be<br><img src=""><br> interested in your life <b>story</b> or which school you went to, as long as you can write something interesting which doesn't <b>take</b> a full afternoon to edit.New freelancers and those looking for a staff position alike often <b>trip</b> themselves up <b>by</b> focusing only on working for 'glamorous' and well-known titles. Go for the nationals if <b>you</b> like, though a much better bet would be the local paper (as <b>Grace</b> Newton argues in her contribution to the <b>Guardian</b> Northerner debate), niche magazines <b>or</b> trade publications.<br> Carving out your own path is never easy, but if you're not prepared to do something difficult to get <a href = "">Coffee Shop Millionaire. </a> want to<br><img src=""><br> be, <b>maybe</b> you should reconsider your decision to work in such an intensely competitive profession. Clare Speak is a freelance writer based <b>in</b> Prague, specialising in business, technology and travel. She is<br><img src="*0RMsNFnDVQyEQS1d3saH8JfSRh07HQ7esWLFNKh/Barney.jpg"><br> on and<br> Tweets here.This<br> concludes our debate.<br> You can read previous contributions - and join the wonderful world of the Guardian Northerner - via our home <b>page</b> <b>here.</b> Many thanks to all who have taken part both by sending posts <b>and</b> contributing to threads, and warm wishes and good luck to you all.Young<br> peopleEmployabilityJournalism educationCzech<br> &copy; 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited <b>or</b> its affiliated companies.<br> All rights reserved.<br> | Use of this content is subject to <b>our</b> Terms <b>&</b> Conditions | More Feeds The sudden end of crippling energy shortages and the re-emergence of the police suggest that those opposed to President Mohamed Morsi had tried to undermine his administration.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A. O. Scott and David Carr talk about the sour experience of seeing a movie that’s “not very super.”&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Timberwolves star Al Jefferson is out indefinitely with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in <b>his</b> right knee, an injury<br><img src=""><br> sustained when he landed awkwardly in Sunday's loss to New Orleans Cloud giant<br> has finally <b>revealed</b> plans to open a <a href = "">Forex Growth Bot review </a> in the UK, based in Slough, to serve its customer base in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Who's got <b>the</b> best deputy job in Washington? It would have to be deputy national security adviser Tom <b>Donilon.</b> Donilon had been mentioned as a possible White House chief of staff, but now that the position has gone to Pete Rouse, history gives Donilon the <b>nod</b> to replace departing national securit...<br> For the <b>White</b> House, immigration reform perfectly encapsulates the most frustrating reality of President Obama's second term: If it's to be a success, Obama needs<br><img src=""><br> to stay out of it — or at least out of the parts that involve Congress.<br> <b>Read</b> full article &#62;&#62;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky <b>will</b> endorse a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s illegal immigrants, a significant <b>move</b> for a <b>favorite</b> of Tea Party <b>Republicans</b> who are sometimes hostile to such an approach. <b>New</b> research released today by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS reports that 67 percent of companies surveyed are gaining a <b>competitive</b> advantage by using analytics — marking a 15 percent increase from last year and 80 percent increase from two years ago. The report, "From Value to Vision: Reimagining the Possible with Data <a href = "">google Sniper 2.0 </a> from a global survey of more <b>than</b> 2,500 business executives, <b>identifies</b> a group of companies leading the way <b>in</b> the analytics <b>revolution,</b> dubbed "Analytical Innovators." Companies in this category report both strong competitive advantage and improved innovation from using<br><img src=""><br> analytics, which are means of interpreting certain data to gain insight and drive business <b>planning.<br></b> Analytical Innovators are significantly more likely to exhibit three characteristics: a widely shared belief that data is a core asset; more effective use of more of their data for faster results; and support for analytics by executives. Another important characteristic of Analytical Innovators is their report of power shifts in their organizations: Analytical Innovators are four times more likely than <b>less</b> <b>analytically</b> inclined companies to say that analytics have shifted the power structure within their organizations.<br> "This is a significant finding, in that power shifts can be disruptive. They often call into question experience and intuition that managers and employees have built up over years," says David Kiron, executive editor for MIT <b>Sloan</b> Management Review.<br> <b>"Now,</b> those who know how to marshal the data and <b>put</b> analytics behind their decision making are in a position of advantage."<br> The study also identified two types of companies less analytically sophisticated than <a href = "">iPad Video Lessons review </a> Analytics Practitioners (representing 60 percent of respondents), which <b>have</b> made significant progress, but have not achieved the top level of competitive advantage<br><img src=""><br> and innovation from using analytics; and the Analytically Challenged (28 percent of respondents), which <b>are</b> <b>less</b> mature in their use of analytics and have not derived as much value from them as the other groups. "As we studied all three groups, we were able to clearly see the specific differentiators among the groups," says Pamela Prentice, chief research officer for SAS.<br> "This enabled us <b>to</b> develop a framework for companies to evaluate their own standing, and to provide recommendations based on a company's current status."<br> The study's recommendations for the Analytically Challenged include: <b></b> If you have a tiny room that you're thinking about as a bedroom for your child or a guest, getting the most out of a small space is a <b>challenge</b> but not an insurmountable <b>one.</b> In an effort to bring a more human dimension to the online-education experience, Department of Electrical Engineering <b>and</b> Computer Science Associate Professor Rob Miller has developed a new computer system that <b>will</b> help provide <b>students</b> <b>with</b> feedback <a href = "">DotcomSecrets </a> homework assignments and create more interaction between students, teachers and alumni.Called Caesar, the system was developed by Miller, a principal investigator at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), <b>and</b> two of his graduate students, <b>Mason</b> Tang and Elena Tatarchenko, to address the challenge of how to facilitate instructor feedback to the hundreds of students taking his introductory computer science course each semester. Many <b>of</b> the students taking the<br><img src=""><br> course, “Elements of Software Construction” (MIT course 6.005), are new to the subject matter, and Miller thought they would benefit from<br><img src=""><br> more hands-on guidance.<br> In particular, he wanted to find a way to critique the thousands of lines of code that his students write as part of each of their homework assignments.Miller’s own research focuses on human-computer interaction and crowd computing — the process of distributing complex tasks to a group of<br><img src=""><br> people over the Internet, allowing them to<br><img src=""><br> tackle smaller, more specific portions of the <b>overall</b> task. Miller used this approach in developing Caesar, devising a system that allocates small chunks of code written by his students to a diverse group of computer science <b>students,</b> teaching <b>assistants</b> and 6.005<br> <b>alumni,</b> who then review the work.<br> Several reviewers are assigned to look <a href = "">Directory Of Ezines review </a> student’s work, so every student receives feedback from <b>a</b> variety of sources.“What<br> we are trying to do is to learn how to use a crowd of <b>people</b> with mixed expertise in an intelligent way; one that <b>helps</b> students and ‘the crowd’ expand their knowledge and improve on their expertise,” Miller says.The<br> Caesar system has three components: the code selector, the task router and the reviewing interface. Once students have turned in an assignment, the code selector<br><img src=""><br> divides their work into chunks and prioritizes the chunks that need review, based on features of the code that suggest it will need<br><img src=""><br> attention.<br> The task router then assigns these chunks to a diverse group of reviewers.By distributing the evaluation process across a large pool <b>of</b> reviewers, Miller hopes to provide students with useful feedback that will improve their work.<br> At the same time, he hopes that this type of crowd-sourced code reviewing can serve as a new learning platform for students at MIT <b>and</b> elsewhere.The<br> reviewing process itself<br><img src=""><br> takes no more than three days, a much shorter timeframe than traditional<br><img src=""><br> methods for giving feedback on student assignments.<br> The quick speed with which the evaluation <b>is</b> completed allows <b>students</b> to <b>receive</b> feedback before they <b>tackle</b> their next <a href = "">Covert cash conspiracy </a> process also teaches students a skill that could serve them well down the road, as software companies need developers who can <b>track</b> down bugs and other glitches in code.Like<br> Facebook and other social networks, Caesar provides opportunities for other <b>kinds</b> of interaction <b>among</b> its users.<br> Reviewers can agree or disagree with fellow reviewers’ comments via an <b>“upvote”</b> or <b>“downvote,”</b> a process similar to the “like” <b>feature</b><br><img src=""><br> on Facebook, and can also leave comments for both students and other reviewers.Miller hopes that by linking students, alumni <b>and</b> TAs with different backgrounds <b>and</b> programming experience, he can increase learning opportunities for <b>all</b> parties.<br> “Every time you interact <b>with</b> a new person, it’s<br><img src=""><br> an opportunity to learn, whether it’s <b>a</b> student demonstrating a new technique to a TA, or an alum providing a student with a valuable piece of industry advice,” Miller says.Looking<br> to<br><img src=""><br> the future, <b>Miller</b> believes that crowd-sourcing tools such as Caesar will become increasingly important to the success of online education.<br> “Such systems are able to draw on a diverse and multitalented pool of individuals, <b>and</b> could potentially make the online classroom a more vibrant, interactive place,” Miller says.Caesar is already being adopted in other MIT programming courses, and plans are in the <a href = "">Micro Niche Finder </a> use it in <b>edX,</b> the online-learning initiative founded by Harvard University and MIT. Miller<br> believes that the system could also be adapted <b>beyond</b> academia <b>to</b> industry and other fields.“Ultimately,<br> I <b>believe</b> that crowdsourcing <b>is</b> going to develop hand-in-hand with automatic mechanisms for making online education work, <b>because</b> there are so many aspects of learning that require a human touch,” Miller says.<br> LONDON -- British-based defense contractor BAE Systems PLC bribed Saudi officials in return for lucrative arms deals in Saudi Arabia, according to a newly released secret U.S. diplomatic<br><img src=""><br> cable. Manchester United striker Robin van Persie will be treated with respect on his return to Arsenal, his former manager Arsene Wenger said on Thursday.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> Earlier this week folk singer Michelle Shocked reportedly spewed <b>vicious</b> <b>anti-gay</b> comments during a [...]<br><img src=""><br> When exercise stresses you out,<br><img src=""><br> a college student and frat brother at age 65, a tool to better predict commute <b>times</b> and other consumer-focused news from The New York Times. THE QUESTION: Diets high in fiber have been shown to <b>aid</b> weight loss and help with digestive problems. Might fiber also offer other health benefits? In a recent report from the World Economic Forum analyzing 140 countries’ competitiveness in travel and <b>tourism,</b> Switzerland ranked