"Chance" - Your Story 51 Finalist

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"Chance" - Your Story 51 Finalist

Postby TiffanyLuckey » Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:46 pm

“Heads, we get married; tails, we break up.”

Nathan and I stood beneath the presence of the diner, standing still within the flow of a soft market day. The sun glared down at us, sending small pricks of sweat trailing down my neck.

Nathan squinted down at me. I tried not to let my eyes wander down his arched cheekbones, stroking his grizzly jaw line, the slope of his tanned neck.

Gulping, I nodded.

My breath caught as his thumb poised to flip the coin—the coin that carried the weight of our future.

My heart thumping against my ribcage, I imagined the last time we’d met here, in front of Michelle’s Diner.

It had been a sweltering July day. The humid air was thick with heat, pressing down on my fair skin. I sipped an icy frappé, loving the feel as the cold liquid was flushed down my throat. Jessica, sitting opposite me, babbled on about a teacher who’d given her five strenuous hours of detention.

I watched coffee granules on the table, dirt that was momentarily forgotten by the heckled waitress.

My eyelids lowered as I heard the bell above the front doorway ring. It was almost as if that was the moment the earth shifted. My head lifted, away from the coffee granules, my eyes sliding into his.

My breath caught.

Nathan Greenway was tall, dark and handsome. His tanned skin was flawless, stretching across tight arched bones. The eyes that locked into mine were the darkest emerald, sprinkled with glimmers of turquoise and teal. They sparkled in the sunlight that slit through the glass doorway, grasping at the planes of his face.

Our romance was fast, hectic and intense. I remembered the rainy dates, the intense arguments, the passionate kisses.

I let my mind run over past, more recent, events. He’d stood on a brick wall, rain beating down on his ancient parka. Tears ran down his unshaven face. His eyes were tilted to the sky as he screamed his agony. His pain over an ex-girlfriend.

More than an ex-girlfriend. An ex-fiancée. A romance that had yet to die.

She’d gone missing.

He had suffered.

I remembered begging him to get down, fearing the turbulent Thames waters below. My fingers had memorized dialing the emergency service number. I remembered how I’d made the epiphany that I would do anything to have him alive. Just to live one more minute.

When his ex-girlfriend was discovered dehydrated and barely alive in the Australian dessert, I’d stood in the shadows, watching my boyfriend cry over another woman’s shoulders. Watching my romance play second fiddle to a romance so much more prominent, a romance so much more important.

All to this.

Nathan held the coin, fingers poised, ready to bet the entirety of our relationship on chance. On the slim chance that fate decided we stay together. On the massive chance that God answered all my prayers.

He flipped the coin.

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Re: "Chance" - Your Story 51 Finalist

Postby Backlotanimation » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:22 pm

Nice story and writing, Keep on writing!

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