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Adventures Beyond Space #1: A New Beginning

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:17 pm
by Alienscifi
I will show you fragments that I'm putting together for the pilot of a science fiction series that I'm putting together.

A New Beginning
Adventures beyond space #1
Isaac A. Law
Jason Sheridan was a typical science-fiction geek. He lived in a house outside of Baltimore city in Maryland. Though he enjoyed living by himself with all his science fiction collectibles, he wasn't entirely satisfied with his life. He had ideas of becoming a comic book artist. He didn't much like spending time with his family. A mostly enjoy going to the science-fiction and comic book conventions. One night he was making his orders from Amazon and other such websites to add to his vast collection of science fiction stuff. He decided to go outside and into his hot tab. It must have been somewhere during the summer, in July perhaps. He saw what he thought was a shooting star coming in the night sky. As he did those staring into the night sky and at that shooting star, he would often looked in wonder whether there was extraterrestrial life beyond Earth, as you would do during every wonderful night sky. But then he noticed something unusual about the shooting star, and then he noticed that it made a thundering sound. And then there was a roaring boom as the shooting star crashed into the ground. He began to realize this is no shooting star. Moving fast, he got out of the hot tub, put some quick close on and go out to investigate. He was excited to see what it was. In his mind he was hoping it would be an alien spaceship while at the same time he was a little more cautious to think that it might actually be an asteroid or a meteorite. After running through the grass for about 30 minutes, he finally came to the crash site and began to realize this was no asteroid or meteorite. He was now why it opened the possibility that this could be an alien spacecraft. As he came closer to the crash site, he saw what looked like a large bullet with two fins, one on the top and one on its right side. He saw a large door that resembled the door of an airplane, only a lot cooler or more exotic and smoke coming out the back of it than smelled like an engine exhaust. The door fell open with smoke coming out of it and a large alien creature came out. It resembled a large beast like a lion or tiger or bear with brown fur all over its body a long snout, teeth, claws and a long tail with a resembled a lion’s tail and some flabby ears. Jason was the excited but cautious. He saw that this creature was in pain and then it had fallen conscious on the ground, so he decided to take this creature into this house. It took a while for him to take that large body into his house, but once he was finished, he felt it was all worth it.