"Dress-Up" - Your Story #42 Finalist

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"Dress-Up" - Your Story #42 Finalist

Postby TiffanyLuckey » Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:09 pm


“I’ve got to get out of these clothes—fast!” Napoleon, a big, gray, mackerel tabby, spat the words from his mouth like a bite of bad tuna.

His companion, a black and white tuxedo cat named Moonshine, continued to sit contentedly in a sunny spot on the beige bedroom carpet as she casually licked herself. A slight twitch of her large, black ears and her snowy whiskers were the only indications that she had actually paid attention to the complaining from across the room.

She had heard the commotion downstairs just minutes before, and she knew that Napoleon had to be at the center of the ruckus, probably running from one of those girls again. The humans of this residence had two little ones of their own, both of whom had taken an early interest in the big, gray cat that seemed not to have the sense to run from them. As Moonshine had heard the approaching sounds of Napoleon’s galloping feet, she had quickly roused herself from her nap and busied herself, fiercely concentrating on bathing. She knew from hard experience that if she appeared unoccupied or made eye contact with Napoleon, he would suck her into his scheme faster than she could fall asleep in a toasty sunbeam.

“Which one was it this time?” asked Moonshine between licks on her right forearm, refusing to look up.

“The little one, of course,” snapped the surly tabby in return. “Can you believe what she did to me?”

“You wouldn’t have that problem if you would follow my lead and run when you have the chance,” Moonshine admonished her adopted brother. She hastily moved from bathing her arm to working on the patch of white fur that ran from her chin down across her belly, making sure to keep her eyes averted from the apparent disaster sitting mere feet away.

“She doesn’t even give me a chance!” Napoleon vainly protested. “You’ve seen how fast she zeros in on me, and before I know it I’m on my back and trapped. It’s humiliating, the things she does to me. Just look at what she did to me this time!”

“Really, Napoleon, you bring it on yourself half the time,” replied his sister, the bathing ritual now reaching her black tail. “After all, what do you expect from the girl when you’re so cute and cuddly?” she asked with a barely concealed snicker.

“She’s gone too far this time,” the tabby persisted. “Look at me, Moonshine. Look at me!”

In spite of herself, Moonshine obeyed and raised her eyes. The scene before her was truly something to behold, and it was all she could do to hold the maniacal laughter that threatened to burst forth.

Just inside the bedroom door stood her adopted brother. The proud and sometimes haughty tabby was decked, ear tips to tail, in baby doll clothes. A white, lacy bonnet sat upon his head, a trail of pink ribbon flowing down his mackerel-striped back. A yellow doll dress was wrapped around his midriff, his front legs shoved through the sleeves, while delicate white trim provided a barrier of sorts between the dress and fur of his neck. Small, white booties had been tied to his back paws, and a pair of white underpants pulled up to cover his backside. His tail, with its crooked tip from where it had been accidentally shut in a door as a kitten, was adorned with no less than seven rings of varying sizes, colors, and what the little ones of the house would call “sparkle-ocity.” The rings ranged from a thick, brightly flashing one at the base of his tail to a small, white plastic one near the tip, with the fur in between pointing in all directions and attesting to the wild abandon with which they had been appended to his person.

At last, Moonshine could hold it no longer, and howled with laughter at the tabby’s plight.

“Shhhh!” Napoleon shushed his sister, hastily looking over his shoulder. “She’ll hear you and come looking for me.”

“Then you’d better run now,” advised Moonshine as she dashed under the nearby bed at the sound of the quickly approaching footsteps in the hallway. Napoleon seemed bolted to the floor, his eyes wild with terror.

As Moonshine settled into a dark corner under the bed from which to watch the unfolding comedy, a little girl with long brown hair burst into the room calling, “Poley, you forgot your hair bows!”

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Re: "Dress-Up" - Your Story #42 Finalist

Postby kag » Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:18 pm

Really enjoyed this one. You could visualize this poor cat and the little girl who was having a ball with him.

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Re: "Dress-Up" - Your Story #42 Finalist

Postby Sapna » Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:06 am

Too many adjectives take away from the impact of the story.

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Re: "Dress-Up" - Your Story #42 Finalist

Postby Trula Varnum » Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:22 am

Nice. :!:

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