MULBERRY TO ROME by Giovanni Gambino

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MULBERRY TO ROME by Giovanni Gambino

Postby Giovanni » Wed Apr 18, 2012 6:23 pm

Copyright April 1st 2011
Giovanni Gambino

With the simple snap of a football, Tony maghiocco life changed
forever. What seemed like the bet of a lifetime, has now turned
into a true major league nightmare. A fifty-thousand by Monday or
you and your friends will be floating in the East River kind of nightmare.

Sitting across from Don Luciano, Little's Italy's mob
boss, Tony, Joey and Ralphie know they're in a
nasty bind, and there is only one thing to do... Get the hell out
of town!

Welcome to Ken-"Friggin"-Tucky!!! Hiding from Don Luciano in
Kentucky, Tony and the boys are like ducks out of water when it
comes to the "down home living" on a farm.

After a few weeks, Farmer Roosevelt Washington realizes that
hiring the boys was a big mistake. From accidentally milking the
bull, to scaring the old pig, goat and donkey to death, Tony, Joey and Ralphie, are a three man wrecking crew when it comes to
farm life.

Finally banished to the field to plant corn, which of course they
screw up, the guys are home sick and nearly broke when their
tired, weary heads hit the pillows.

KA-BOOM! Jumping out of bed, the fellas are scared to death.
Thinking that Don Luciano has finally found them, they soon
realize that something has crashed in the corn field.

Running outside, Tony and the boys race through the dark field
towards the smoldering hole. Their jaws hit the ground when they
see a strange machine resting at the bottom of the huge pit.

Flying into action, the guys tow the machine into the barn with
the old tractor. It doesn't take long before Tony, Joey and Ralphie realize it's a friggin' Time Machine. Of course, the
buttons with the dates, light speed adjustment, and invisibility
were a big help.

Covering the time machine with hay, the boys come up with an idea
to solve all their problems. The next day they're going back in
time, play the Mega Million Dollar Lotto, become millionaires and pay "Big" Tony back.

With the sweet dreams of giant cannolis, the boys fall asleep
unaware that life is about to deal them a bum hand.

Later that night on a road near the farm... Getting out of the car appears down on his luck rapper, T-Bone, knowing the old Ford isn't going another mile. The gas tank reads empty, and there isn't a station for miles.

But that's not his only problem. his trunk is full of the most
ass kicking Chronic, just waiting for the bongs of young college
students attending the most prestigious schools in America.

Seeing the old barn from the road, T-Bone know he must break in to get gas.

BINGO! T-Bone know he hit the jack pot when he uncover the Time Machine.WHAM! Joey, Ralphie and Louie are on T-Bone quicker than Fat Frank from Bensonhurst is on a sausage.

After a heated discussion, which includes some bitch slappin', they finally ready to time travel. But where? And with a whirl, bang and lots of smoke, Tony, the boys and T-Bone, fly back in time!

From the frying pan into the fire, Tony and the boys and T-Bones land and are immediately surround by very tough looking Roman soldiers.

In no time, the boys are standing in front of the one and only
Julius Caesar.

Meanwhile, unknown to Caesar and the boys, Brutus and his crew
of stone cold killers have had the Time Machine hauled to the
floor of the Senate. With the approval of the evil Senate, Brutus
Is ready to "wack" Caesar.

It doesn't take long for Tony and the fellas, to form an alliance to help Caesar defeat Brutus and the goons from the Senate.

With cheering crowds, Tony and the boys with T-Bone are the new hero's of Rome. Caesar bestows honors and gold medals to them. The guys are all smiles, with a few hits of Chronic, Joey and everyone jump into the time machine and haul ass back to the future.

With a whirl, bang and lots of smoke, Tony flies back in time!...

Climbing out of the Time Machine, the guys hear a strange noise. Suddenly a strange yet hip looking hot alien chick appears in another time machine, and before the fellas can react, she raises her mysterious weapon... ZAP!

Late night... An old Ford runs out of gas on the road next to the
barn. T-Bone gets out, but instead of going to the barn, He goes to a tractor and steal gas, and his quickly gone.

Morning comes, Tony, Joey and Ralphie awake as if nothing has
happened. Caesar, Time Machines, T-Bone or the boys are not even faint memories. The hot alien chick's "Memory Erase Gun", worked

Wanting a Yoo-hoo, but settling for a Dr. Pepper, Tony reaches
for his money to pay for it. He pulls the lotto ticket out of his
pocket. Not remembering that he went back in time and bought it,
Tony asks the old Clerk to see if it's a winner.

One-Hundred And Forty-Five Million! Tony and the boys almost
faint. Quicker than lighting they are on their way back to New
York City in a phantom Bentley and dressed to the nines.

After paying off a shocked Don Luciano, Tony, Ralphie and Louie are in the center of Times Square, and are now truly the Kings of New York.

Across the bottom of the jumbo screens that adorn Times Square...

"Archaeologists discover what seem to be the remains of Julius
Caesar. Studies have confirmed that he has not been murdered... But has passed away at the age of eighty".

The End

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Re: MULBERRY TO ROME by Giovanni Gambino

Postby cmb » Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:17 am

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