The Storm

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The Storm

Postby hiedibear5025 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:49 am

A girl stands all alone on a beach,

She watches the sky as the rain pours from the Heavens,

She can't help but wonder why,

She asks God to help,

And she knows God can see.

She asks again,

"Why, Why this God?"

She gets no reply,

No love,

And no trust.

She sees the lightening crash,

And she hears the thunder closing in,

She can hear the devil taunting her,

Saying "It's time to give in".

Her spirit is broken,

And her love is tried,

She feels as if nobody cared,

And she knows nobody is there.

Her life is ruin,

And she can do nothing but cry,

She is all out of prayers,

And all out of hope,

Freedom is gone,

And her wings are broken.

She is far from the usual,

And she wonders why she is alive,

She looks to the sky,

And she walks into the ocean,

With her head held high.

She let's the waves pull her under,

She only wanted love,

She only wanted trust.

She was pulled from the water,

She opened her eyes,

It was like her heart was beating for the very first time.

She looked into her rescuers eyes,

Only to find herself,

Staring down at herself.

The clouds part,

And the rain stops,

Then she looks at her life,

Only to ask one more time,


By Hiedi Michelle Poteete

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