Going home (Just sharing #39)

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Going home (Just sharing #39)

Postby Tanya77 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:17 am

It's my story #39. Wasn't chosen, but i too would like to share it with you. Comments welcome.


"My name was Sam."

I unconsciously answered the paramedic. He was looking around at the crowd, searching for someone who knew the unknown guy, who was just run over by a truck. Obviously he couldn`t hear me, since it was my dead body lying there on the street. The irony of it was, that I never believed in ghosts and now here I was waiting for the tunnel of light that some say to see when they have a near-death experience. But no light shone to show me the way to my eternal resting place. So leaving the scene of the accident, with my body now closed in a black bag, I went to my apartment.

Standing in the bedroom looking around, feeling that I didn`t belong in this place I lived in for the last five years. It only reminded me of how I had failed in life. After my parents death, I wanted to create a life of my own but wasn`t successful. I was single, never had any real friends and had no job. The sudden urge to go home, where I used to live with my parents, grew in me. That was where my best memories lay, in that white walled building where I had lived for twenty years. Not knowing any other way how ghosts travelled, I went to the train station to take a train home.

When I arrived in front of my old house i couldn`t believe what I saw. For ten minutes i stood staring stupidly at the sign in front of my family home, as though staring at it could have made it disappear. How could it have happened?

"Condemned", the sign read in bold letters. And behind the sign, what once was a beautiful white walled house now stood a burned, dilapidated building. The windows were all broken, the white paint all blackened by the smoke, and the few remains of the porch that had resisted were burned coal black.

The front door was open, barely clinging to the hinges that had supported it for years. The upper floor no longer existed and half of the roof had collapsed, leaving the sun to pour through the hole. What furniture we had was either black or totally destroyed. Some of the toys i used to play with, were thrown in a pile of melted plastic. The big chandelier we had in the middle of the living room lay on the ground totally shattered, glass everywhere. Only a few steps remained to show where the staircase used to be. It looked like the fire fighters weren`t quick enough to extinguish the fire.

I remembered when I was seven, I used to get up to the smell of baking scones and running down the stairs two at a time. Dashing through the kitchen door, always in a hurry to get the scones fresh out of the oven. Could still hear my mother scolding me in her usual quiet voice.

"Sammy you`re impossible. Everyday the same as though there aren`t enough scones for everyone."

How I missed those days. I missed my parents. In these last five years I tried not to think about them. When I did, the pain was too great. Now all the memories came flooding back. I could see the frame of the swing, in what once was the back garden. My mother would watch me through the kitchen window.

"Look mum, I`m going to touch the clouds."

I would shout at her, while I swung higher and higher.

Suddenly a bright light shone behind me, where the big double front door once stood. It was the tunnel of light that i was waiting for. But I couldn`t make myself move forward. Was afraid of what there was behind that light. Here in this condemned building i felt safe. I had my memories, so walking into something unknown was terrifying. Until suddenly I could see two figures moving towards me.

As they got closer i could make out my parents as i knew them. Feeling like a small boy again , I started walking towards them, then running. The dark house around me no longer looked dilapidated, it looked again like it used to when I was small. My mother opened her arms and I flew into them. Finally I was home.

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