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Postby Oldtimer » Sun May 11, 2014 10:21 am

This post is just an FYI in case anybody wants to discontinue selling a self-published book.

It's easy to take the book off the market with Smashwords. You just unpublish it, but it's a mite different with CreateSpace in that the book has to be retired from your dashboard. You can do this yourself by canceling all distribution channels or CreateSpace can retire it for you if you contact Member Support. When a title is retired, CreateSpace will no longer manufacture copies to fulfill new orders. However, if you have sold any copies, Amazon will keep the title 'alive' in case someone wants to purchase an out-of-print title.

I have just retired "Jonesing" because I want to make it and "Staying Alive" a two-book combination. I don't have to worry about Amazon keeping it alive because, apart from one copy sold on Kindle, I have been the only purchaser.
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