Seeking Writers for Online Publication

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Seeking Writers for Online Publication

Postby wiewiorowski » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:10 pm

Good day to you all,

I am a creative writing graduate. As part of my degree I have been working on a website, not dissimilar in content to a blog, but lacking in many of the conventions. You can't comment or follow, for example, like you can with a Tumblr. The aim of this website, originally, was to showcase the work of my friends, colleagues and classmates, and practice collaboration between creative folk.

The process has been somewhat different to the usual; I have been using a program called Adobe InDesign to achieve a magazine style layout. I have then been printing the pages, binding them and photocopying them before scanning them back in. It's full circle, long-winded and not exactly cost-effective, I know, but the outcome is visually pleasing and somewhat different from the conventional platform.

The end-product will be a webpage containing page after page of lovely, creative content. That's where you guys might be able to help me. Rather than strictly featuring my own work, or the work of other Creative Writing degree students, I have been sourcing creative material from all of my friends; graduates of all disciplines. That means there's fine art, journalism, photography, graphic design, biology, philosophy, fashion - fingers crossed for some interior design - and anything else I can persuade people to write or draw or photograph.

Although, as far as I am aware, this isn't a commercially viable idea, I intend to use it as a promotional tool for anyone who's interested, and as a way to force myself and others to keep being imaginative and pursue creative thought in this drab and lifeless nine-to-five climate that looms on many of our horizons. A lot of existing publications tend to particularly specialise in a certain area, only taking submission from those disciplines; I intend for this to be open to anybody who would like to submit.

I also intend to use this as a way to get creative people together, working with each other; one of my friends has written some poetry in response to a little bit of photography and artwork provided by another friend of mine, and graduate of fine art. I have been getting some nice illustrations to accompany short stories. You get the idea, I'm sure.

Since graduating, I would love to continue this project and along the way meet some new, interesting people with fresh ideas. I'm looking for anything you want to submit; it doesn't even have to be writing. I can't pay you, but when I reach a certain number of submissions, I plan to print and bind physical copies of the magazine and send them out to all who have contributed; making a nice addition to ones portfolio.

If you are interested in discussing an idea, please don't hesitate to send an email to: (e-mail address removed; please use the WD pm system -pls.)

I hope to hear from you soon,



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