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Ebook & Print Formatting & Fonts

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:58 am
by rkeller1373
Does anyone have any recommendations for formats and fonts to use for non-fiction books? I keep receiving conflicting information about how to write the manuscript. Some say just write it in Word and then worry about the formatting edits later. Other say to format it first before the manuscript is written. I have just picked up the pen again to write, and 20+ years ago when I was writing, this was not an issue as I just simply used a typewriter or simple word processing program to write the manuscript, printed, then submitted. It seems more complicated nowadays, particularly since I am interested in writing various non-fiction booklets to sell online.

It seems that the formatting for ebook and print are not one in the same. From experience in my day job, I have learned that it is best to set up the formatting first and then type the document rather than the other way around. But it may be different with books.

Any suggestions for non-fiction? In retrospect, I posted this in the non-fiction critique section, so I am sorry for the duplication.



Re: Ebook & Print Formatting & Fonts

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:21 am
by pls
Locked. No cross-posting, please - you already have posted this in Non-fiction.