Putting it all together

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Putting it all together

Postby Oldtimer » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:29 am

You have to hand it to CreateSpace. They are the indie writer's most valuable resource. To begin with, it costs nothing to download a book, not even for a cover if you use their stock or insert your own images in their cover frame. They don't force you to use their services, although they are always ready to help. Naturally, if you ask for their help, you pay for it.

I have just published my family history through CreateSpace. I wanted the finished book to look exactly like my screen version - images where I'd placed them, paragraphs complete, true colors, etc., etc. I chose an 8-inch by 10.5-inch page size, so that the cover images bled and looked professional with mirror margins for the interior. I used my own images, too, - didn't pay a penny for either of them. Proofing on-screen was available for free for as many times as I cared to revise my manuscript. When I ordered a print proof, it arrived quickly at a reasonable cost. ($8.10 plus shipping). Remember this was for a custom-sized, full color, 100-page volume.

After receiving the print proof, I spotted several errors I'd missed on screen and set about correcting them. On the same day that I received the proof, I was able to edit, review online and resubmit my ms for review. The second print proof I ordered was shipped the very next morning and I expect to receive it tomorrow.

It is just as easy to publish on Smashwords but they are digital only. This book of mine is intended to replace the family bible, to be written in and updated by the reader. CreateSpace has met that need admirably. It is so refreshing to find a company that responds quickly and efficiently. I would like to recommend CreateSpace somewhere other than my Facebook page. Do you have any suggestions?

PS: Only family members will receive copies of the family history and I don't want it available on Smashwords, Amazon or Kindle. If a relative wants an additional copy, s/he can buy one through CreateSpace's e-store.
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