Looking for writer partner in crime. 75% manuscript complete

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Looking for writer partner in crime. 75% manuscript complete

Postby mrmarkmitch » Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:07 pm

On my first book (have been writing this book part time for ~4 years) which is a non-fiction, dive into the presidents. Focusing on what patterns are found in the top 10 and worst 10 presidents. Malcolm Gladwell Outliers esque. Written to appeal to most history buffs and the everyday reader who might simply take a liking to the topic of presidents.
My manuscript has a little over 110 pages so far and I’ve even had it run through Writer’s Digest basic proof reading service. I’m looking to partner with someone who has an interest in the history or psychological dynamics surrounding our presidents. Trump has his own chapter.
I have gone pretty far, but feel there is a tinge of depth to go and the thought of collaboration with a trustworthy person sounds great. Especially for someone like myself trying wrap up their first book. I’d love to work with someone with greater experience in the publishing process as well. As you can tell I’m open minded and I take criticism as productivity.
If you’re open, please respond. I’d be happy to send a sample of my manuscript to see if our stars align.

Thank you

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