Searching for a Fellow of Pen and Paper

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Searching for a Fellow of Pen and Paper

Postby Xyzo » Sun Aug 31, 2014 6:07 am

Hello all. I know I'm pretty much new here. So greetings again.

I'm searching for buddies. Probably two or three fellow writers, that would be great. People who are devoted to writing and are willing to critique novel-length stuff. (Of course, I would reciprocate. That's what buddies do.) I'm not a master critic myself though. Actually, I have many doubts about my writing and critiquing skills. That's why I'd like a friend who would be able to tell me their opinion (even if the truth could be harsh). I'm a zealous writer and write a lot. (Though it doesn't seem so lately, because I focus on writing books nowadays). I'm really interested in seeing things through and getting stuff published. But then there's the doubt.

Genres usually don't matter, though I focus on fantasy, scifi, thriller, mystery... dipped in surreal, supernatural, slipstream, or a bit of it all. Sometimes, the genre is confusing. That's why it doesn't matter. I don't write erotica/romance though. I like my stories complex, perhaps even convoluted. Many times have I watched a movie or read a book and though the plot would be so great if it this guy was actually against that one, if this would backstab that... Simply put, they leave me somewhat disappointed and wanting more. So that's why I write, mostly. Conspiracy, conflict, strife, treachery are my favourite ingredients.

Right now, I have a book of 90k words, techno-thriller. Intentionally commercial, for I hope to make my landing as smooth as possible. However, I believe one is the worst critic of his or her own work... so here's that. Maybe it's so blatantly bad and I just fail to see it. Regardless, I'd like to see it published. But first, it needs polishing. Of course, I'd read your book and try to offer a critique of my own. I also understand there's the issue of trust. For that matter, I'm willing to trade a critique of a short story first.

Thanks all and everyone who responds. :)

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Re: Searching for a Fellow of Pen and Paper

Postby mammamaia » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:26 am

welcome aboard, xyzo!

i don't do 'buddies' but i do mentor aspiring writers and do assess the writing quality of their work, so if that would help, i'm only a mouse click away...

love and hugs, maia
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