Help - Need beta readers for my 64k speculative novel

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Help - Need beta readers for my 64k speculative novel

Postby Rochelle Potkar » Tue May 06, 2014 4:28 am

I am searching for beta readers for my 64k speculative novel.

(the blurb):
Nathan, 25, has spent his life painting and dreaming of Leonara. Three alter egos helped him cope with his lonely childhood – the maternal Mother Martha, the versatile Larz and 5-year-old Ian.
When nightmares about his mother’s death haunt, he decides to use his special skill of getting other’s consciousness into his mind. He invites Mihir’s, Feroz’s and Leonara’s essences to his mind and dismisses Larz.

Will he find his mother’s killer?

Larz is freed from Nathan’s mind. From just a comforting voice in his head, she is now in Leonara’s body, living out a dream.
She has fallen for David - Leonara’s alluring husband - and is never going back to Nathan’s mind.

Will she succeed in shutting down his milieu?

The stage is Nathan’s mind. Larz’s battlefield, too.

Please email me at if you are interested in beta reading. I don't mind beta-reading your novel in return, if you are a writer. My interests lie in literary and speculative genres. Thank you!

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