I am Looking for Interview Writers for my 20Q site! Thx All

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I am Looking for Interview Writers for my 20Q site! Thx All

Postby xPray4Deathx » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:20 pm

Looking for writers, designers, admins, and basic help for our online community interview series, 20Questions. This is volunteer work till we have a a cash flow, when it is created, those who are working with us will be added to payroll. We have expanded to work with Operation Supply Drop and the Phoenix team, which I now run. We will be doing alot of contest/articles/charity events with OSD. We have got some really great guests from a writer from Goonies to Community Managers from Dice, EA, and UbiSoft. Focusing on fun and positivity while trying to touch on hot topics in the community without breaking NDAs while maintaining a great interview!

What you would do..

help to write the interview questions for each of the guests, this would require some research into each person. 25 Questions per guest is written. may also help to write content for the site and media coverage stories.

Media assts:
help to advertise and spread the word about 20Q and our guests.

Some of our Guests so far. .

Matt Kelly @CrowdedWorlds Player Engagement Manager at @EA
Zach Mumbach @zachulon Visceral Games MP Producer on BF Hardline
Paul Michael Santoro @RabiesiP Pro Gamer Livestreamer E Sports Commentator
Rob McCrady @RenegadeCitizen Indie Game Developer
P Scott Patterson @OriginalPSP Senior Columnist G4@Syfygames
Genese Davis @GeneseDavis Tv/Web Host Mompreneur Author of The Holders Dominion
Rachel Lara @IrachelLara VG & Film Character Model, VG Expert and Panelist
Dan Mitre @dan_mitre Community Manager Battlefield EA
Bobby Miller @UPSLynx Origin Community Manager
Dan Sheridan @ThisIsActionMan EA UK Marketing
Ryan Duffin @AnimationMerc Animator at DICE
Gabriel Graziani @UbiGabe Community Director Ubisoft Montreal

Links to our pages.
20Q Twitter @the20Q
20Q Site http://xp4dxx.wix.com/the20q

Please contact me with any questions via email here the20questionz at gmail.com

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