Writing Buddy & Cheer-reader Needed

Join fellow writers here for encouragement and accountability. Look for a writing buddy in your genre or work with someone to set and reach your writing goals.
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Writing Buddy & Cheer-reader Needed

Postby CharlyT » Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:30 pm

Few can write well in a vacuum, and I'm not one who numbers among them. I can slog through for a few weeks at best, but without someone to share what I've done with on a regular basis I run out of steam - long before coming to the end of the long-term project of a novel.

I'm not looking for critiquing - I've learned that getting criticism during a first draft paralyzes me, and I lose confidence before I get halfway through and just focus on rewriting the first few chapters endlessly. Then, inevitably, I write the project off as a lost cause (yeah, I know, bad punning) and flounder around a bit before starting the next project.

If you're interested in a writing buddy who you can share what you've accomplished on a daily basis - giving a point or two of something that you like - and someone who will cheer you on and challenge you by keeping to their own daily writing goals, please PM me.

I primarily write SF & F, and I would prefer to have a buddy who also works in the genre. Ideally, I'd like to find a buddy who would enjoy doing joint projects from time to time.

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