Write Like This... Why?

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Re: Write Like This... Why?

Postby Fictional Chef » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:01 pm

wdarcy wrote:
> My problem with cozies (and I read a ton of Agatha Christie in my younger
> days and still feel she's a terrific writer who does not waste a single
> word) is that they tend to devalue human life. That may sound strange, but
> consider: There's always a murder. But it almost always happens offstage
> and is totally sanitized. There is rarely any grief or mourning over the
> murdered person. His/her death becomes simply a puzzle to solve.
> Now, human life is much, much more than a puzzle to solve. Human life is a
> big thing; taking a human life is an even bigger thing. But cozies
> typically ignore this. It's all about solving the puzzle.
> Now, I'm not saying that the murder should be gory and grisly, because if
> it were, we would not have a cozy. But there should at least be some sense
> that a human life has been taken, that it's a terrible thing, and that it's
> worth mourning. Not just: call in the detectives and let's solve this
> thing.
> For those reasons, I would applaud a cozy that did NOT revolve around a
> murder. So I think what you have in mind is definitely do-able and would
> probably find an audience.
> --Warren

I know quoting a full reply can take up a lot of room in a post, but I had to. Warren, I love ya. You peeked through my window and read my mail. I feel the same way. Friends used to tell me that I was "too sensitive." "The murders in books aren't real! They're fiction so there isn't a real person to mourn!" No matter how I tried to explain that people have become apathetic towards murder and dead bodies because of the entertainment they choose, it's met with disbelief. I'm a firm believer in the saying, "You become like what you spend your time in."

Take the news, for example. Today, mass shootings, earthquakes, violence, scandals, etc., bounce off most people with hardly a thought. The numbers and magnitudes have to be bigger, stronger, and higher for people to take notice. Even then, it's quickly forgotten. It's the same with movies and television. Long gone are the days of relying on good storytelling and acting. Now, it's all about special effects and in your face shock value; it has to be louder, bigger, more dramatic, newer... In short, the world has become desensitized. These are just my views based on my experiences and observations. Most people disagree and that's fine.

I'm not saying that I won't ever have someone die in one of my stories, but it wouldn't be for "entertainment" value. I'm not even trying to be different or a goody-two-shoes about it. I love adventure, mystery, puzzles and imagination! I love wonder! The stories that have come to me have me really excited to write them! From my years of lurking on writing forums, I see people NOT finishing their books because they lose interest and become bored. Something bigger, better, and more fun always comes up instead. I believe if a story is fun and fascinating to the writer, it will be to the readers, too. Sometimes it just takes time for books to find their audience. That's okay. I'm patient. The last thing I want from my writing is fame! (I hope to write under a pseudonym and not put my picture on the book. I'll cross that bridge when the time comes, however.) Time is going to go by anyway, right? So, I plan to take advantage of that time and keep writing instead of worrying.

It's in me strongly to write now. To the point that I can't NOT write anymore. So, I'll write and leave the results in God's hands. Thank you, Warren! Your post is a massive encouragement that I won't soon forget! (I'll be printing it for future reference if I ever get discouraged!)


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