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Re: steven james in a nutshell

PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:24 am
by ostarella
[quote="rob-lost"]Education today discourages curiosity. As if curiosity can be mapped and controlled (and yes, I understand the irony of this given recent histrionics in the forum). If we could just get away from the idea that we must control it, and turn (return?) to the idea that we can facilitate and actively nurture it, I would be very interested to see what comes of that.[/quote]

While I agree with you probably 90-95%, I do think there has to be some element of "control" - or maybe a better description would be "ability to direct" curiosity (and imagination). We don't want to go to the opposite extreme of constant "Oh! Bright Shiny Object!". ;) So maybe along with nurturing curiosity/imagination, we need to include "Okay, you have this BSO - what do you want to do with it?". Note, not "Okay, you have this BSO - this is what you should do with it.". Education should be helping students learn how to make that decision - how to choose what THEY want to do with these new discoveries and ideas, if anything.

That's kinda how it works for me with my writing. I see some BSOs and I make a decision as to which one - if any - are "worth" following. After having written a lot of stories, from very very short to very very long, I've gained enough experience to be able to make that decision fairly easily. But - and this is something some folks don't seem to get - it took practice. It took making mistakes. It took time to gain that experience. You can't teach someone how to do that in a class - it takes homework, learning by doing what gave you the "right" answer AND what gave you the "wrong" answer. So lots of writing - lots of experimenting - lots of following BSOs fruitlessly, until at some point you know "intuitively" what's the route to take. And that goes not only for the writing itself, but methodology. You try different ways of writing, and you experiment with tweaking them, and eventually you learn which one works best for you. And hopefully, you also learn that you will also have to tweak based on the story, not just on you.

If that makes sense. :?