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@osteralla short stories

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:42 pm
by mike m.
read Face

not bad at all
at 762 words it was more like a short short story
but it made sense and was a fun read

sort of like a ohenry type of story

it would have read better if you started it at word one with Face and not He
you clear that confusion up shortly but it leaves the reader wondering until you do

here is WD comment on length
Q. How long is the typical short story supposed to be? How about novellas and novels? A
A. There are general guidelines for each literary category: [b]Short stories range anywhere from 1,500 to 30,000 words[/b]; Novellas run from 30,000 to 50,000; Novels range from 55,000 to 300,000 words, but I wouldn’t recommend aiming for the high end, as books the length of War & Peace aren’t exactly the easiest to sell.

others would call it shortshort , sudden, or flash fiction

next read Don't Forget Me.
or tried to
at 4135 words that was a solid short story
but it felt like a lot of it could have been cut in a final edit

it got to be more work to follow than i cared to try at the 1300+ word mark
so maybe it was great by the ending but it did not hook me to stay

much of the verbiage seemed irrelevant to what was happening (at least to the 1/3 way point)

writing is not bad at a low level
characters seem to be somewhat developed although i do recall the A team which helped
not sure about the plot in forget me
setting is somewhat vague but adequate

i would say shows promise if it were edited to be tighter

finally danse imposible

interesting shortshort but not quite as good as Face was imho

I guess childrens hour was the one you had mentioned earlier
from the length it looks like a more serious work

thanks for sharing !