Query questions

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Query questions

Postby tippliz » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:09 pm

Hey gang,

I have a few questions about querying agents, all related:

I have come across an agent whose agency website indicates that she is open to queries, but on her blog it says she is closed to unsolicited queries. How do I interpret that conflict - which is likely to be more accurate? And if I already sent in a query (because I found the reference in the blog later), have I now lost my chance with her?

Similar question, this one about genre. One agent I was looking at listed the genre I am writing in on the "manuscript wishlist" website. However, her agency website does not include that genre in the types of books she is looking for. Should I interpret that to mean that she is, or is not, looking for what I have written?

Thanks for your guidance!

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Re: Query questions

Postby Brien Sz » Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:01 pm

You can throw caution to the wind and send the query regardless. Believe me, they aren't going to blaze your name into their memory banks and curse you for daring to submit to them. Rather, you'll either never hear from them or you'll receive some sort of form letter letting you know they don't take that genre or aren't accepting unsolicited submissions. My thing would be this - their own continuity. Are they updating their own profiles to be consistent or not? Maybe you caught them shifting in the ether - possible but unlikely. It would tell me they may have a sloppiness to them that I don't want to work with. I've run into this same issue. I just move on - there are enough agents out there to align with.

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