Savage City

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Savage City

Postby u.v.ray » Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:15 am

It's just for fun. Paragraph from my current work in progress, a novel that will be entitled the Savage City. My work is written guerilla style, minimal editing as I go. Such bare editing means the writing does not lose its raw edge, so there are never many changes to the final book. Hmm.. It's not working too well with the auto-editing feature here.

Through two speakers cut into the door panels a cassette tape knocked out some west coast garage rock, stuff like the Count Five & the Electric Prunes, all that stuff Lou had gotta lot of in his collection at home. Lou took the .38 snubnose out the glovebox & kept it within quick reach of his right hand wedged down the side of the seat. You never know with these f**kers. After a while this Johnny Creem customer appeared, a tall self-assured looking psychobilly kinda character in a knee length leopard print coat with a big fur collar, carrying a small travel suitcase, smoking a cigar. That's what's going down these days; every f**ker thinks they're some kinda f***ing big shot. He came out of the Peep-O-Rama & sauntered slowly towards the cab, got in the back & said – take me to the Eagle Plaza Hotel. He sat there in a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, arms folded across his chest, a plethora of silver skull rings on his fingers. He had that awful sickly nicotine yellow complexion, the colour of cough medicine, like he was junked up out of his skull on something & a scar zig-zagging down his face from his left temple right across his cheek to his jaw. Where in hell these people from anyhow? Still, Lou dont care too much as long as this geezer dont start pulling out his johnny wallop. Because he'd had that before, some slackjaw dingbat gets in the back of the cab, pulls out his c**k & starts waving it about & Lou wernt in no mood tonight to havta pull someone out the cab & pistol whip the living hell outta them. Lou dint give a flying f**k so long as this one got the moolah to pay his fare. But he looked like he bin blowin sh*t up his nose for twenny years or more, probably stone f**kin broke. Lou killed the music, lethargically punched the start button on the meter & in silence swung a left out of the alleyway & effected a sharp u-turn onto Queensway & headed away from the city, the faux glamour of the illuminated tower blocks fading away in his rear view mirror.
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Re: Savage City

Postby TwoStepCharlie » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:10 pm

I like it. Bravo.

For presentation on a web page, is it possible to add line-breaks without disturbing the flow?
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