Fun Writing Exercise

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Fun Writing Exercise

Postby angelaobrien » Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:30 pm

A bunch of writing friends and I used to do this whenever we were pressed for ideas or just wanted to have a laugh. It's not an orginal concept, but it's one that allows your creativity to blossom, and you'll never know how the imagination of others can inspire you.

The basic idea is this: Someone starts out with a brief opening - a setting, a character monologue, a bit of dialogue - and each person keeps on adding to the story in a way that is creative, but realistic. After you post your piece, you leave it alone for a few days (resisting the all-powerful temptation to look) and then click back to read how your story has changed.

There are rules, of course:
1. You cannot excede 500 words at one time (but multiple posts every once in a while are fine).
2. You have to be somewhat realistic, i.e. the protagonist in the taxi in New York cannot suddenly be driven off a cliff in a fiery death.
3. You can take the story anywhere you want, and treat the characters as if they are your own.
4. You can add characters if you want or take them somewhere else.

Finally, since this is more of a community story, ideas generated are open for everyone to use. The concept is to have some fun, generate ideas, and see what multiple creative fiction minds can come up with!! Have fun!

The Beginning:

The saphire water held the chill of death as Bailey sank into its depths. Her leap had been a desperate plunge rooted in basic survival; certainly nothing else would have driven her to such madness. The beaded, satin dress she wore dragged her down quickly; her body's natural bouyancy was no match for 30 pounds of Italian beading, and she at once became irrationally cross with her sister who had insisted that she wear it this day. The water was heavy in her ears and her movements were lethargic as she feebly struck for the surface. The sun danced merrily within the top layer of water - so happy, so careless, and so tragically out of her reach. She knew that the river was sweeping her towards the old wooden bridge; that would be her only chance to grab a hold of something, pull herself out, and escape forever. Her head broke the surface unexpectedly, and she gasped in mingled surprise and relief. The harsh February air filled her chest at once, making her feel as if she was being crystalized from within. The bridge was quickly approaching; she could not see if anyone was atop it, for soon the waters had swept her beneath it and her hands shot out, sliding and slipping over the caked on grime, unable to find purchase. She was lost once more to the frigid water, her fingers and toes now going numb. As she was dragged down once more, she thought she felt someone sieze her wrist and pull, but she could not be certain. All that was certain was the blackness that fell across her eyes like the final curtain of a tragedy.

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