One-month celebrations

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RE: One-month celebrations

Postby deedee1 » Tue Feb 14, 2006 5:32 am

Oh, first, let me say that I meant "whose" and not "who's" in my original post. Oops. Need to slow down.

Sheri, you can read some of my columns on my web site, My weekly column, The View Askew, is published in The Murphy Messenger and on their web site

I'm told The Dallas Morning News, Collin County Edition, will publish one of my humorous op/eds on Sunday, Feb. 19. Sometimes those show up online at (click on "Opinion").

A few of my columns (Promoting Pasture Pie Power, Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road) are on Road & Travel Magazine's web site, I have a flight humor piece on this site,, and my finalist entry in the America's Funniest Humor contest can be viewed at this link, ... nGrill.htm. Hope that helps. Thanks for asking.


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RE: One-month celebrations

Postby Lilac » Tue Feb 14, 2006 9:25 am

I joined this forum

I wrote my friend and told her that I'm taking her advice and getting back to work

I cleaned out my closet and found two half-finished stories that I've always meant to get around to finishing, and one that I've finished that I've always meant to get around to submitting for publication

I've chosen a poem to submit to a contest, and the contest I'm going to submit it to. Now I have to wait for the submissions acceptance date to get here.

I'm working on a story about procrastination, on the suggestion of a forum member here

Just came up with an article idea last night

I came up with an idea for another story, based on a blurb I read about an obscure historical event.

I just found out some very interesting thing about my own family geneology that could lead to a very interesting story.

I've made the goal to just submit something this next month

At this early stage, I'd even view a rejection slip as an accomplishment:)

Btw-congrats to all of you who have some well earned accomplishments to celebrate!!


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