Socialization and Study, Which One Is More Important to a Teenager?

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RE: Socialization and Study, Which One Is More Important to a Teenager?

Postby Aspiring » Mon Feb 06, 2006 4:30 am

When I confided in a friend that my husband was going through a depression, she asked what he was upset about. It's not that easy. There are always issues and stresses, and that can lead to a kind of depression, but it wasn't what we were going through. I tried to explain to her that it's more like post partum depression - that it's a chemical thing, and even though you know most things in your life are great, you can't get over these horrible feelings. In trying to explain it to her, I did end up feeling better, because as the bystander there are thoughts like "why can't I help him over this, or aren't we, his family, enough?" and you look to what you can control and take some of it on yourself, which leads to problems for you, the bystander. I can imagine it would be worse when it's your child that you're concerned with. As mothers we want to protect and save our children from everything hurtful, and when we can't, we may tend to internalize and think "where am I failing her?" It's not that, and if you can talk it out with other people, perhaps you can keep your perspective in the haze. The Forum is a good outlet. I have found a wealth of inspiration here beyond what I had hoped. I hope you do too.


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