Submitting for Publication

So you’ve got that promising project you’ve been working on. But you might be wondering what to do next. Well, it’s time to submit. In the February issue – now available online and on the newsstand – the editors of Writer’s Digest consulted experts in major genres to give their best advice on how to submit your work for publication.

The issue covers the submission process for writers of all genres – short stories, novels, nonfiction books, freelance articles, memoirs, picture books, poetry, screenplays, graphic novels, and comics. Each genre includes a handy submission checklist, with pointers on who to send your work to and what you should include. Read great tips about landing an agent, writing your best query, targeting your submission to your market, the best ways to track submissions, following up after submitting, and, how to handle rejection.

Plus, critique your way into better writing, learn six keys to introducing your main character, follow four rules for sci-fi and fantasy protagonists, and as always, consult our list of upcoming writer’s conferences. In this issue, you can also read an an exclusive interview with Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, authors and collaborators of thrillers.

Download your copy of the February issue now!

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