Learn How to Write & Sell a Novel From Author Hallie Ephron!

writing tutorial | writing a novelIf your goal is to write, revise, and ultimately sell a novel, watch and listen to one of Writer’s Digest’s newest tutorials: Crafting and Selling a Page-Turner. No matter if you are just starting to brainstorm novel ideas, are in the middle of writing one, or are revising and editing a novel, you’ll need to know what it takes to keep your readers attention from page one till the end.

In this 65-minute video, you’ll listen to Hallie Ephron, an award-winning author of mysteries and thrillers including Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel, explain how to write a thrilling novel that is full of suspense and compelling to readers. After all, a well-written novel that keeps readers turning page after page is the key to attracting the attention of agents, editors, and readers.

When you watch and listen to this online tutorial video, Ephron will teach you tips on planning your story, developing plot twists, and writing surprising endings. Learn how to create good and bad characters and engage every reader, regardless of genre. You’ll also learn how to revise a novel, techniques for sharpening your characters, and pacing your novel. And if your novel is a mystery or thriller, you’ll learn the art of deceiving and revealing and guidelines for writing credible investigations, and creating spine-tingling suspense and dramatic action.

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