Bring Your Characters to Life: An Exclusive Writing Kit

character development in writing | creating charactersIt’s August 1st, which marks the beginning of a new month and the launch of a new premium collection. The Bring Your Characters to Life Premium Collection features writing books, webinars, an online video, and a printable worksheet to help you create, name, and develop your characters. Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction writer, the resources in this exclusive kit will provide you with the resources you need to get started writing a novel or memoir.

Creating Characters

One of the first steps for writing a story is creating a solid cast of characters. If you aren’t sure what type of characters your story needs, we recommend reading 45 Master Characters because it gives you an overview of both the male and female archetypes, or models. Equally helpful is its companion book, A Writer’s Guide to Characterization, also written by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. This provides lessons and tips on character development, and gives examples of how characters grow individually and interact with others from popular novels. And if you are writing for young adults or middle-grade readers, give a listen to Creating Great Characters & Relationships in Middle Grade and Young Adult by Mary Kole.

Coming Up With Character Names

One of the most challenging parts of creating characters is figuring out how to name them. After all, you want to be sure their name not only sticks in the minds of your readers but also fits their personality. If you find yourself stuck or have the perfect name in mind but want to know a bit of its history or origin, we’ve included the Writer’s Digest’s Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon as well as Orson Scott Card’s Elements of Fiction Writing: Characters & Viewpoint.

If you are writing a fiction novel or nonfiction memoir and have questions about what you can and cannot include in your story, e.g., people’s names, stories, or experiences, read Can I Use Other People’s Names & Stories?.

Additional Resources on Character Development & Story Structure

If you are looking for resources to help you develop and grow your characters, this premium collection includes a downloadable worksheet on character development, a video download about the psychology of character’s thoughts, actions, and dialogue, and an online webinar — How to Write Dialogue Like a Pro by author Elizabeth Sims.

If you have created your story’s characters, you’ll need to know how to seamlessly weave them with your story’s plot. Jeff Gerke’s book, Plot versus Character, teaches you how to intertwine plot and character, sustain character arcs, breathe life into your characters, and move your plot forward.

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*This month’s collection has sold out but we do have a great mini-collection of products to help build your story. Check out our Story Building Collection!

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