An Exclusive Kit For Writing Mystery Novels or Thrillers

writing tips thriller | writers digestIf you love reading mystery or thriller novels, and desire to write your own someday — now’s the time to buy the Writing Mysteries and Thrillers That Sell Premium Collection! Packed with five books, three e-books, two online webinars, and an entry to WD’s Thriller/Suspense Short Story Competition, you’ll learn how to craft a story with elements that are suspenseful, thrilling, gripping, enthralling, or dynamic!

To ensure your story’s crime scene is believable and realistic, use the books found within this collection to learn about police procedure and investigation, forensics, and poisons. Does your story need a boost in suspense or conflict? Refer to James Scott Bell’s The Elements of Fiction Writing: Conflict & Suspense. Do you want to create the perfect villain or monster for your mystery or thriller novel? Bullies, Bastards & Bitches teaches you what qualities a bad boy or bitch should have and provides a comprehensive list of monsters and creatures.

If you have a completed manuscript ready to be sent out to literary agents or acquisitions editors, take a moment and listen to the online webinars How to Write a Dynamite Mystery or Thriller That Sells with author Elizabeth Sims and Writing & Selling a Page Turner. with Hallie Ephron. You’ll hear tips on writing a thriller and how to structure or plot a mystery novel. Plus, learn the successful storytelling techniques for mystery/thriller novels that hook a modern audience.

Whether you are just starting to brainstorm a story idea or have a finished manuscript, this exclusive kit helps you plot, structure, write and sell a mystery novel or thriller and provides excellent writing tips along the way. Start writing a gripping novel today that readers won’t be able to put down — buy the Writing Mysteries and Thrillers That Sell Premium Collection today!

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