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    Become a Copywriter With the Breaking Into Copywriting Premium Collection!

    copywriting kit | make money copywriting

    This month’s premium collection, Breaking Into Copywriting, gives you the resources to become a freelance or full-time copywriter, build a copywriting portfolio, and sharpen your copywriting skills. Read more

    Learn How to Write & Sell a Novel From Author Hallie Ephron!

    selling a novel | writing tutorial

    Author Hallie Ephron teaches you how to write and sell a fiction novel in Crafting and Selling a Page-Turner, an online writing tutorial by Writer’s Digest. Read more

    Bring Your Characters to Life: An Exclusive Writing Kit

    Bring Your Characters to Life | Writing Kit

    Creating a cast of characters that fit the story you’re trying to tell is essential. Buy the Bring Your Characters to Life Premium Collection and learn how to create, name, and develop your characters. Read more

    Finding Time to Write: 10 Fiction Writing Techniques & Creative Writing Exercises


    The newest issue of Writer’s Digest is out! In the September 2012 issue, the WD editors confront one of the most discussed topics among writers: Finding time to write. Read more

    An Exclusive Kit For Writing Mystery Novels or Thrillers


    Whether you are just starting to brainstorm a story idea or have a finished manuscript, the Writing Mysteries and Thrillers That Sell Premium Collection helps you plot, structure, write and sell a mystery novel or thriller! Read more

    Sell Your Book Like Wildfire: The Writer’s Guide to Marketing & Publicity

    how to sell a book | guide to marketing

    Learn how to get your book in front of more readers with Sell Your Book Like Wildfire, a guide to marketing and selling your book. Plus, discover effective principles for growing your online community and expanding your author platform. Read more

    Break the Rules of Writing & Get Inspired!

    writer's digest magazine | the rules of writing

    The newest issue of Writer’s Digest spotlights the art of breaking the rules. You’ll learn ways to break out of your comfort zone, tools to help you create conflict within your story, and advice for getting the most out of writing conferences. Read more

    Break into the Business of Copywriting!


    Is your goal is to launch a new career for yourself as a copywriter or to improve your copywriting skills? Breaking into Copywriting, a new course from Writers Digest University, can fuel your creative desires. Read more

    Become a Published Writer: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Published

    getting published | steps to getting published

    Do you want to become a published writer, author, or freelancer? Buy The Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Published and get the tools you need to achieve your writing goals. Read more

    Writing a Novel: From First Draft to Finished Manuscript


    If you are writing a novel for the first time, or simply beginning a new one, From First Draft to Finished Novel can guide you along the process. Throughout the book, you’ll discover novel writing tips, get step-by-step instruction, and improve your writing skills with editing and writing exercises. Read more

    An Agent’s Secrets to Selling Your First Novel


    Discover insider secrets for selling a novel from literary agent Irene Goodman. You’ll get pro tips on selling a novel, eight reasons why your novel may be rejected, and why it’s important to know the genres of writing before you start writing. Read more

    Practical Writing & Publishing Advice For Beginning Writers


    The Beginning Writer’s Answer Book covers everything from how to get started in writing to finding an agent and getting published. No matter what type of writer you are–fiction, nonfiction, or freelance–you’ll find practical writing advice to help advance your career. Read more

    Write a Novel That Kicks Ass!


    Whether you want to break into fiction writing or get tips for writing a novel, you’ll find advice from experts, and the top 10 essential tools for novel writing in this month’s premium collection. Read more

    Introducing Writer’s Digest eBooks: Everything You Need To Improve Your Writing and Get Published


    Visit Writer’s Digest eBooks, a new website devoted to helping you achieve your writing goals. Peruse our online collection of writing resources and subscribe today! Read more

    5 Things Every Writer Should Know About E-Publishing Today & How to Find Success In Publishing

    e-book publishing | writer's digest magazine

    The May/June 2012 issue focuses on e-book publishing and the ways in which traditional publishing is changing. Plus, we reveal this year’s 101 Best Websites for Writers! Read more

    The Best Advice on How to Write Children’s Books & Young Adult Novels

    You Can Write Children's Books

    Learn how to write children’s books and get expert advice and tips from Tracey E. Dils, author of You Can Write Children’s Books. Read more

    Get Started Writing A Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel!

    how to write science fiction | how to write a fantasy novel

    Grab the Write Science Fiction & Fantasy premium collection and discover everything you need to successfully write science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal stories. Read more

    Everything You Need to Know About The Basics of Writing

    writing basics | Creative inspiration and more!

    Get creative writing tips, learn quick outline methods, and discover ways to improve your writing skills with Writing Basics. Read more

    Take Your Writing to New Heights & Learn How to Write a Novel

    write great fiction | learn to write fiction

    This month’s premium collection–Write Great Fiction–spotlights the art of writing fiction. Whether your goal is to learn how to write fiction or write a novel in 30 days, this special collection can take your writing to new heights. Read more

    Writer’s Digest March/April Issue: An Interview With Author Mary Kay Andrews & Writing Essentials to Master


    Author Mary Kay Andrews talks about finding your niche. Plus, learn 5 tips for writing a good story, strategies to beat common writing mistakes, and much more! Read more

    Use Descriptive Writing & Writing Exercises to Avoid Writing a Boring Book


    Prevent your readers from boredom by using descriptive writing. Word Painting has descriptive writing techniques, writing exercises, and more tips to keep your readers engaged. Read more

    Expert Tips on How to Get a Literary Agent & Impress Publishers and Editors

    Guide to Publishing Agents | How to Find a Literary Agent Collection

    Wonder how to get a literary agent? Read onto learn from publishers and editors who share how to land a literary agent, and secrets about the publishing process. Read more

    Learn How to Write a Synopsis Like a Pro

    Learn How to Write a Synopsis & Examples | The Dreaded Synopsis

    Learn how to write a synopsis with quick and easy tips for synopsis formats, see synopsis examples from fiction writing, and become a pro at writing a synopsis! Read more

    Music Industry Contacts, Music Venues, & Songwriting Tips


    Gain exclusive access to music industry contacts, find and book music venues for your tour, enter songwriting contests and competitions, and learn songwriting tips. Read more

    Storytelling & Literary Techniques


    Author Nancy Lamb explains the writing process including how to start a story, what storytelling is, and provides examples of writing styles to encourage your creative spirit. Read more

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