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We're going to Maui!

Categories: writing conferences.
Hi Writers,
It’s my great pleasure to announce our sponsorship of the 2008 Maui Writers Conference, which this year is on the road to Honolulu. Brian and I will be there for three full days over the Labor Day holiday, August 29-September 1 reporting live from the conference via this blog and our e-newsletter. So stay tuned, and if you can get yourself to the Maui Writers Conference, I can promise you won’t regret it–this is one of the premiere writing events of the year!

Tell me, who looks more Hawaiian, me or Brian? Check out the poll on the WD forum or leave comments here. Mahalo.

Keep Writing,

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14 Responses to We're going to Maui!

  1. Gosh I think you both look pretty cute. Enjoy the trip. Wish I could be there.


  2. The Writer Mama says:

    Hilarious pics!

    Have a great time.

    I’m envious!

  3. Lori Widmer says:

    I SO want your job right now!

    You look very Hawai’ian, and Brian looks narly, dude. ;))

  4. Tom says:

    Cheryl makes a good point about blonde Hawaiians, but you get big points for the flowers. That’s really going the extra mile.

    I will remain in the Midwest in envy of your superfab business trip. The only place I know that anyone in my office travels for business is Iowa. Envious? I thought not.

  5. Shannon says:

    Aloha Maria and Brian!

    Well I must say you both look pretty da kine local style! We do have a big mix of folks here in Hawaii, just about every color of skin and hair which makes it a great place to people watch.

    We are looking forward to hosting the WD team and we’ll be sure to get you up to speed on board shorts, flaps, leis and local sayings! No suits or stockings here!

    Me ke aloha pumehana,

    Shannon Tullius
    MWC Director

  6. soly paraiso says:

    Hawaiian or not, you’re both good looking! No doubt about that!

    Enjoy the conference!

  7. Olivia Schneider says:

    Ok, now I’m expecting coconut cupcakes missy! : )

  8. Cute pictures :) Maria, can’t say that I’ve ever seen any blonde Hawaiians so Brian may win this one :)

  9. Kirby says:

    Sorry, Brian, but Maria promised cupcakes on the WD Forum…she wins.

  10. Kim Kasch says:

    Great post! And I think you win, with the flowers in your hair. Wish I could join you in the sun for some fun – but at least I’ll be reading your blog for updates.

  11. Lisa Abeyta says:

    Remember: No blogging while consuming mai tai cocktails!

    Is this the coolest job perk EVER? Enjoy your trip; we’ll be vicariously having fun through your updates.

  12. Olivia Schneider says:

    Very nice, not quite the picture i was expecting… : ) but lovely anyways!
    (I’d say you’re more hawaiian, hehehe i’m sure tons of hawaiians have as gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes as you!!!)

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  13. Definitely Brian.

    Eugene Wigglebottoms

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