Off to the Maui Conference

Hey all,

Maria and I are packing our bags and ready to head out to the Maui Writers Conference—oh the hardships of being an editor (insert smilie face here). She wanted to post, but was too busy trying to locate a reasonably-priced grass skirt on eBay, so I’m filling in. Thankfully, I already own one.

Not much new to report today, but we do have a favor to ask: We’re looking to improve our online efforts and hope you’re willing to spend a few minutes to complete an online survey about your Internet habits. Your response will help us serve you better and make an even better resource for writers. Give us your feedback here!

Maria will check in on Friday and update everyone on notable events at the conference. And if she can drag me away from the beach, I will too—as long as I’m allowed to type while wearing my grass skirt.

Take care of yourself and your writing,

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10 thoughts on “Off to the Maui Conference

  1. soly paraiso

    Grass skirt for you, Brian? and will you be wearing it with the cocnut bikini top that Eros-Alegra said must be worn with it?
    Do send us pictures of you and Maria! Can’t wait til we see them!

    Have fun, guys!

  2. Kirby

    With the grass skirts, Brian, just make sure you’re not allergic to organic materials. That would be one nasty rash to try and have to scratch.

    Have fun and be safe!

  3. Julianne Daggett

    Snort, snort. Eros-Alegra’s comment reminds me of how easy it is to spot tourists in my hometown of New Orleans–they’re the ones walking around in the summer in pants, without water bottles, holding maps and complaining that the streetcars on St. Charles aren’t air conditioned, and can’t pronounce street names worth a darn. Snort! Don’t worry Brian and Maria, tourists stick out everywhere, its unaviodable and you’re in good company. So don’t feel bad about wearing that grass skirt in Maui.

  4. Eros-Alegra

    Out of affection for you both I feel a need (from a surfer’s insider information) to let you know that grass skirts must be worn with the coconut bikini top – otherwise you will instantly be spotted as imposters.

    Please don’t suffer too much for your job…geez, Maui, I am so sorry. It is almost inhumane.


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