Welcome Poets

Hi Writers,
I’d like to officially welcome aboard our newest bloggers, Nancy Breen and Robert Brewer, who are coauthoring Poetic Asides. In addition to being poets themselves, Nancy and Robert are part of the Writer’s Digest brain trust as the editors of Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, respectively.

Nancy wrote a great piece for Writer’s Digest in April, The 21st Century Poet.

The dynamic poetry duo made their first posts this week, and they already have a healthy debate going on. It’s an interesting mix of their personal experiences in the poetry world combined with their expertise as editors covering these same markets.

Allow me to share a poetic aside of my own. I just finished editing a piece on sestinas for our October issue. Question: How many lines are there in a sestina?

Keep Writing,
p.s. There are 39 lines in a sestina. Six, six-line stanzas followed by a tercet. Don’t say I never teach you anything.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Poets

  1. Joanne Weck

    Why is the(stereotyped)English teacher always the heavy, the squelcher of creativity and talent, constantly invoked as creator of writing problems and woes? In my experience (and in my life) the English teacher has more often been the one who encouraged and fanned the flame of creativity, gave permission to express oneself, in fact was the midwife of many a writing career. Yet the stereotype of the uptight English teacher prevails even among those who should know better.


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