WD Presents: The Writer's Ultimate Resource Guide 2008

Hi Writers,
I wanted to bring to your attention this fab new Writer’s Digest product:

Writer’s Digest presents: The Writer’s Ultimate Resource Guide 2008

This essential CD is filled with oodles of helpful information and hyper-links to:

• top writing websites
• 100 best markets for book and magazine writers
• a state-by-state guide to local writing clubs and organizations
• writing and publishing FAQs
• literary agents who want your work
• annual writing contests
• and more! (please follow the link above for the full lineup)

This is the first CD project brought to you by yours truly with the help of the fearless Writer’s Digest editing team (special thanks to our wunderbar managing editor, Kara Uhl). We’re very pleased to make this available to our readers and hope to follow up this project next year with The Writer’s Ultimate Resource Guide 2009.


Keep Writing,

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5 thoughts on “WD Presents: The Writer's Ultimate Resource Guide 2008

  1. soly

    I tried to order the CD but I asked if I could use a personal check as I don’t have a credit card. I said the CD can be delivered to me after my check has been cleared from my bank. I’m still waiting for a response from Maria.

  2. kerry wood

    Warning! Don’t try to order that CD. If you try to fill out the order form, you will be told bymeans of red x’s that you are mistaken about minor litle things such as your name and what state you live in. F&W’s way of sending the message that the CD is not available for purchase as yet.



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