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The final thrill

Categories: Writer's Digest news, writing conferences.
Hi Writers,
If you want to get more of an idea of what ThrillerFest was all about, here are my (almost daily) newsletters that went out to our e-newsletter subscriber list during and just after the conference.

So, if you didn’t get enough thrills already, here are links to even more from ThrillerFest ’08. If you’d like to sign up to receive e-newsletters from Writer’s Digest, you can find a sign-up link on writersdigest.com.

ThrillerFest Day 1

ThrillerFest Day 2

ThrillerFest Day 3

Keep Writing,
p.s. I’m getting ready to head out to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference in Seattle. I’ll be doing more blogging from that conference so be sure to check back.

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6 Responses to The final thrill

  1. ann says:

    Hi Sage! No I am not related to Father Marquette. I am originally from Lansing, MI a very long time ago. I vaguely remember going through Marquette with my family on some vacation.

    It is a long story how I came to have my last name as Marquette.


  2. Sage says:

    Maria, Here’s hoping we’ll get to meet at PNWA! Best, Sage

  3. Kirby says:

    Goodness, Maria, I hope you subscribe to earning frequent-flyer miles. Great, thrilling reports. I can’t wait to hear about Seattle’s conference. I just came from there after attending my brother’s wedding. Nice place to live.

    P.S. To Ann Marquette–I live in Marquette, MI. Would you happen to be related to Father Marquette, our famous priest from this area?

  4. David Pyle says:

    What a great job you guys have done covering the conference. I’ve followed your posts as well as Guy’s on his facebook page. It’s great to see how this came together.


  5. I have very much enjoyed your coverage of Thrillfest, and am looking forward to your coverage of this next convention. :)

    RD Williams, author of "The Lost Gate"

  6. Gosh another conference for you. How exciting. It must be so interesting, inspiring, and exhilarating.

    I look forward to your coverage of this new conference.


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