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Hi Writers,
Now is the time to bring your website to the attention of the WD editors. We’re taking nominations for the best writer’s website to feature in the October issue of Writer’s Digest.

Here are the details:
We’re looking for the writer with the best personal website or blog that was created and is maintained without outside help. Sites will be judged on presentation, ease of use and marketing effectiveness. Send your nominations—and don’t be shy; you can nominate your own site—to with “Best Writer’s Site” in the subject line. The deadline is June 10.

Sites will be judged by Writer’s Digest editors. The top 10 sites will be listed in our October issue, in our e-newsletter and on The writer with the best site will receive a one-year subscription to and a subscription to Writer’s Digest; the nine runners-up will receive one-year subscriptions to Writer’s Digest.

If you post a link to your website in the comments section of this entry, I’ll make sure your website ends up in the running. So let’s see your sites!

Keep Writing,

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40 thoughts on “Send Us To Your Site!

  1. Edward Taylor

    Hello Maria,

    My blog has been a wonderful learning experience these last several months. Uduzit is on WordPress, so there is no advertising.

    I will be hosting it on my own domain next month, and that will mean a whole new learning curve regarding marketing.

    What you will find on Uduzit is a variety of posts on different subjects. I am learning what topics draw readers, and that helps give direction to my writing.

    Thank you for the opportunity to showcase our blogs.

    Smiles. ET

  2. Larry Nocella

    Thanks for this contest. It’s a great idea. I can only WISH I had some outside help. I use Blogger to FTP my blog to my own domain ( I’ve customized a template using my own basic knowledge of HTML.

    Here’s the main page:

    Here’s where I note the honorable mention Writier’s Digest gave my zine QECE years ago: Thanks for your help! Hope you like my site.

    Larry Nocella
    author of the novel, Where Did This Come From? available on

  3. Anthony Buccino

    My main web site is at

    And I have so many blogs I can’t always keep track of them. Here are the main two: and

    Sometimes the blog content is personal, sometimes it’s general, and sometimes it teases to other essays and such that I have posted and available online.

    Often the blogs are loaded with great photos I’ve taken just walking around.

  4. The Writer Mama

    Hi Maria,

    I may as well nominate myself. Why the heck not?

    Since I built in, I think it was January of 2007, it has been plugging merrily along.

    My intention, in creating the site, was not only to introduce my book, "Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids," but also to provide a peek into the non-fiction book pitching and writing process. Or I should say MY non-fiction book pitching and writing process.

    I think it was effective. And I’ve recently updated it.


  5. Shaun Eli Breidbart

    While you might not think of stand-up comedians primarily as writers, what do you think we have to do before we go on stage and start talking?

    My website has my blog (short essays and commentary), comedic essays (longer essays), my professional biography, articles I’ve written for other publications (such as an article on attorneys who become stand-up comedians, for NJ Lawyer Magazine), a short children’s story I wrote, and a practical guide to hiring ANY comedian. Oh, and a large number of jokes I’ve written for late-night television (the ones they DIDN’T use). Also have a stand-up comedy FAQ, audio and video clips of my performances and The Bill of Rights.

    -Shaun Eli Breidbart

  6. soly

    Hi Maria!

    Don’t know if my website will qualify, but it’s worth a try. It’s about my book "Random Thoughts: The Power Of Thoughts"
    I welcome comments about it and if anyone will contribute their ideas on the power of thoughts, great! How about it, fellow writers? I’m not after the honor of my website being considered the best website. My aim is to spread the word that we can change our world by changing our thoughts.

    Thanks,Maria, more power to yo!

  7. Ken

    I see that the names link the homepage, but in case anyone did not see, my webpage is Sorry for the repost if you did see. Hope you all like it. I thought it would be fun to do a wiki story if you would like to contribute.


  8. :Donna

    Eventually I’ll get around to putting up a website of my own — well, one to do specifically with writing, BUT — there IS a site I REALLY love! I hope you consider it (and I have no idea how much work is done "outside".

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
    : Donna

  9. Ken

    I emailed you as well. I have recently got back into writing and am currently trying to network myself as well as get some of my work out there. I am frantically reworking my website, trying to focus on what you might be looking for. Hopefully I get it to a good point by the time you get a chance to look at it. Its not perfect, but it is something. I am not sure if my site even qualifies, but I thought it was worth a shot. If nothing else, thanks for the opportunity.


  10. Lori

    What a neat idea! I’ll add mine to the list here in a minute.

    Please allow a side note – in response to tons of ads for low- to non-paying work, I’m trying to raise awareness of how this practice hurts us as an industry. If any of you feel compelled to help out the writing industry, blog about it or comment about it on Friday. Here’s the link to my post explaining:

    Sorry for the interruption. Thanks!

  11. Maria Schneider

    Hi Cheryl,
    Yes, that kind of help is OK. We’re interpreting the "outside help" phrase very loosely; we’re basically trying to eliminate the websites that are entirely professionally designed and managed from the running to create a more even playing field.


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