Our August cover: Diablo Cody

Hi Writers,
Hot off the presses: our August issue featuring cover girl Diablo Cody. Our fab Script Notes blogger Chad Gervich interviewed Cody a week before she won the Oscar for Juno.

If you’re a subscriber, this issue—packed with material about breaking into screenwriting—will be hitting your mailbox any day. And if you’re not, it hits newsstands 6/17.

I think this is my favorite Writer’s Digest cover so far (my previous favorite was Sebastian Junger, December 2006). Anyway, I wanted to share it here with you. Let me know what you think.

Diablo Cody is such a fresh new voice and I’m so pleased that we had the opportunity to share her inspring story on breaking into the world of screenwriting.

Keep Writing,

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5 thoughts on “Our August cover: Diablo Cody

  1. Tom

    Man, I’m missing out. STILL no WD in my mailbox yet! I’m sure it will arrive soon. I always seem to get my issue of Rod & Custom a week after my friend in the next town does. My postman must be reading all my car and lit mags before he passes them on to me, and who can blame him? I read good stuff.

    The spam above me is priceless – a "lierary" agency that can’t start a sentence with a capital letter, and can’t spell "literary" (so far)!

  2. Tom

    This oughta be interesting. I’ve read a lot ABOUT Ms. Cody without actually reading any of her writing. I have tried – there was that time I orderd Candy Girl from Amazon and then forgot to double-check my shipping address, thereby assuring that some college kid living in what was my brother’s place four years ago (apparently the last time I ordered from Amazon) got a free copy.

    I’m not sure what I think about her yet, although I did see an Artist on Artist interview between her and John Cusack that was pretty cool.

    I’m gonna go home and stare at my mailbox.


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