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My workday is pretty standard: I spend 95% of it writing/editing and 5% trying to convince Maria to put my face on the next issue’s cover, to which she always says no. So when she asked me to post about our new CD, I wasn’t sure if I was the right pitchman for the job. I’ll let you be the judge:

All of our blood, sweat and ink from 2007 have been put together on one disc—yes, one disc—that’s now up for purchase. The Writer’s Digest 2007 Compilation CD is filled with all six issues from last year, including the WD Interviews, software guide and, most important, my Q&Q column! How could you pass on that? Now I could continue to entice you with all the other can’t-miss material on the disc, but instead I’m going to show you a video of the staff giving it an unprecedented rating of 5 thumbs up:

So take a minute to swing by our site to pick up your copy of The Writer’s Digest 2007 Compilation CD. And, if you’d be so kind, ask Maria to put me on the cover. The more comments below, the better.

Take care of yourself and your writing,

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13 thoughts on “New CD from WD

  1. Jimi

    I too am excited to see WD available in electronic format. This way I can transfer select articles to reference on my Kindle. Please consider releasing current issues as an Amazon Kindle subscription; I’ll be the first to sign up.

  2. Tom

    That seals it for me. I pretty much wanna work in that office. You kids are so crazy! Here we just pass notes over the cubicle wall. The making of videos (with thumbs!) far outstrips anything I’ve come across in my current standard workday (although on the nonstandard workday we have been known to play bocce).

    It would be pretty kickass to have back issues available on DVD.

  3. soly paraiso

    Hi Maria!

    Why not put Brian’s and your daughter’s face on the cover? We’d love that! Brian is so good-looking (give me 5, Brian!) and your daughter I’m sure looks as lovely as you are!

    Soly P.

  4. Susan Littlefield


    It’s very important that you put Brian’s face on the cover of the magazine. It’s the only way to get him to quit bugging you. 🙂

    By the way, you havea grown daughter? I would have never guessed!

  5. Ryk

    I’m very excited about this and just placed my order. I’d like to put in another request that WD archive all their past issues on DVD-ROM – there is a wealth of writerly advice that is being lost because it is no longer available any other way.

    And I don’t care about Brian being put on the cover so much, but I ALWAYS like to see Maria: she’s lovely.

  6. Lisa Abeyta

    Oh my goodness. What is there to say after that riveting video, Brian?

    My favorite part? The girl working at the desk in the background. She doesn’t even bother to look around to see what’s going on.

    Please tell me the CD has video that good – or even better.


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